LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A couple married not even 24 hours before the March 31 tornado ripped apart the life they looked forward to living.

Now, they are finding hope in their beloved pet that saved the wife’s life after the roof caved in.

“To see it again is really disheartening. it’s sad. It makes me feel very sad,” Mark Taylor said.

Sharron Taylor was asleep upstairs when the tornado began to sweep through central Arkansas. Her husband Mark was downstairs.

The couple said before Mark could get Sharron to cover, the roof caved in, and their dog saved her life.

“Right in the middle of the floor used to be our bed, Butch and Sharon are laying on the bed, her feet on this end, and butch just happened to be facing horizontal and this was the board that was on top of them right there,” Mark said.

Through the nails, their dog experienced no injuries, but Sharon was taken to the hospital.

“I’m just grateful for him. If it hadn’t have been for Butch, breaking the initial fall and I don’t know how he broke the initial fall with all of those nails and not be injured,” Mark said.

Left with nowhere to live, they started looking for shelters, and one of the only ones accepting pets was the Red Cross.

“We weren’t going to go anywhere without him,” Sharron Taylor said.

Now Sharron recovers alongside her family, “In sickness and in health was what I was most concerned with because it did mean just that,” Mark said.

They said they are blessed to have the community of support and their little life-saver by their side.

“I’m just so grateful that God saved her, as I think about it, sent the dog to help and he did what he did,” Mark said.