LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A tornado caused mass devastation across the city of Little Rock on March 31, and right in its path was Fire Station 9.        

Now, months later, Little Rock Fire Department Captain Jacob Lear-Sadowsky said the rebuilding process can begin for the building and the firefighters based there.

“It’s a step in the right direction,” Lear-Sadowsky said. “We have all been recovering from the tornado.”

Fire Station 9 was left with shattered windows and engine bays sucked out. Now, the process of rebuilding will be able to begin.

“It’s very exciting to say you know what we are going to get our new station back,” firefighter Eric Carpenter said.

The Little Rock Board of Directors voted Tuesday to give over $87,000 towards demolition efforts.

Carpenter is a firefighter at Fire Station 9 and he said he is ready to be able to shorten response times.

“It’s very nice to know that the mayor and the city board is willing to say you know what, we are going to be proactive about this,” he said.

Lear-Sadowsky said the tornado did more than just rip apart the station.

“There are about 35 to 40 firefighters this is affecting right now as far as being displaced from station 9,” Lear-Sadowsky said.

One vote, setting into motion the continued efforts of keeping the city safe.

“The commercial building process is about a year out so the faster we can get this process started, the faster we can get that station built,” Lear-Sadowsky said.

This money is just going towards demolition efforts, another conversation among the board for a new price tag for the building process is expected.