LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Hillcrest community in Little Rock is taking a moment to relax and enjoy themselves thanks to a spark of generosity from a local band.

The Rocktown sparks are using their performance tonight at Hillcrest First Thursday to raise money for the ongoing tornado relief.

Several members of the band survived the tornado last Friday that blew through a venue they were at on Shackleford. 

Another member also had his home damaged. Inspired by how blessed they were to survive, The Rocktown Sparks said they just want to be a blessing to others in Arkansas.

Brian Cato of the Rocktown Sparks said the concert was the least they could do to help their community.

“Little Rock is hurting right now with so many folks being affected by the tornado so we wanted to do anything that we could to help the effort.”

Some of the band members did lose some of their equipment in the storm, but they say that has already been replaced.

Proceeds from the show will go to the Salvation Army and tornado relief efforts.