LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – While storms were anticipated this afternoon, people in west Little Rock were surprised at the strength of them, leaving behind downed power lines and trees and damaging several homes and businesses.

On Queenspark Road in Little Rock, neighbors said the damage from the storm that came through Wednesday afternoon, looks all too familiar.

“I couldn’t help but feel that sense of deja vu,” Queenspark resident Ed David said.

Warm beams of sunlight peak through a roof, pierced by the limb of a huge tree.

“I thought, ‘oh no those pine trees finally got it,’” homeowner Nancy Clark said.

Nancy Clark said she has lived in her home since the 70s and never experienced anything like this, even when a tornado came through in March.

“We just had a few shingles off the roof,” Clark said.

The David’s are her next-door neighbors and were home when the storm came through.

“We have a tornado shelter so when the tornado hit, we were aware it was going to happen, We were in the shelter, but we weren’t this time,” Lorie David said.

“The first thing I did when I could get out of the front door, was to come stand in this street and look,” Ed David described.

Tree limbs blocking the road were quickly cleared as neighbors came out to begin the cleanup process, again.