LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Homeowners rebuilding after a March tornado hit Little Rock must begin again after severe storms on Wednesday.

At the end of March, a powerful tornado ripped through the capital city, leaving neighborhoods destroyed.

Thursday, several communities are in the same position, working to rebuild after damage from Wednesday’s microburst storm.

The sights and sounds of chainsaws cutting branches brought back memories from just a few months ago.

“It was as frightening as the March 31st tornado,” resident Ken Griffey said. 

“It’s unbelievable, it was already surreal on the 31st when it happened,” homeowner Kristopher Watson said.

Ken Griffey said when the severe storm hit on Wednesday, it brought even more damage to their home in Napa Valley in west Little Rock, still being repaired from the tornado on Mar. 31.

“We have multiple holes in our roof from the tornado which have been patched, we have new holes now,” Griffey said.

Further up the street is where the Watsons live. They just had their roof redone and some other repairs, but after the storm Wednesday, you see branches inside the kitchen area of their home.

“We have been battling with insurance, and still are, to get the repairs made and the things replaced from that storm and now we are starting the process all over again,” Celina Watson said.

New and old tarps covering the roof and branches in the shingles serve as a reminder to the families of what they have been through, now torn between walking away or staying put.

“There have been discussions of moving and so yes, we do live in a heightened state of alert and so yes it has changed us,” Griffey said.

They said they know this community is strong, and their neighbors will always come to their rescue.

“These friends, these neighbors that come in your time of need, I have a debt that I don’t know that I will ever be able to repay,” Griffey said.

“We don’t want to leave the community because we love our neighbors now,” Celina Watson said. “It’s been such heartwarming things that we have seen going through all of that, but definitely every tree can go.”

Neighbors also said they love Little Rock and even though they continue to experience damage, the community is the thing that keeps them where they are.

Significant storm damage has also caused the nearby Butler Park to close for the rest of the week as crews make repairs and clean up debris.