WYNNE, Ark. — As residents in Wynne are still reeling from the impact of Friday’s tornado, there’s more heartbreak after a family identifies a young couple killed during the storm.

Veronika Pounds told WREG her baby sister, 21-year-old Aryana Williams, and her sister’s boyfriend, 22-year-old DeeAngelo Morrow, were two of four confirmed fatalities in the deadly twister. They were found lifeless under what was once their mother’s home.

“My heart just dropped to my stomach because it didn’t look like anyone could have survived that,” Pounds said.

Family members said Williams was inside the home when a massive tree uprooted, crushing the home and trapping multiple people inside.

“After everything had happened, my brother and his girlfriend got out and started calling for Dee and Aryana, but neither one of them was answering,” Pounds said.

The two were later found under ruble. Family members said Morrow acted as a shield covering Williams until the end.

“To know that he protected her or tried to protect her. I love him even more,” Pounds said. “Because if you knew Aryana, you would know she’s terrified of tornadoes.”

It was a terrifying ending Pounds said her sister didn’t deserve.

“Everything about Aryana was amazing. She made everyone happy. Everyone loved her. To know her was to love her,” she said.

Knowing the two shared an unbreakable bond, she said their memories and eternal love will forever live on.

“They had the had the closest relationship ever,” Pounds said. “People are going to remember them how they were. Happy loving people.”

Both families are in need of help as they prepare to bury the young couple and rebuild their lives. If you would like to donate, click the links below.