JEFFERSON COUNTY, Ark. — The number of people without power climbed throughout the day in Jefferson County. Energy companies report the main reason why is limbs and trees falling.

Video even caught a tree over 100 feet tall falling just feet away. Terry Threlkeld had an even closer call when a tree fell right in front of his home.

“It sounded like World War 2 going off in the woods out there. Pine trees popping, and limbs breaking, and then you hear and then you hear a couple bangs going off,” Threlkeld remembered when his power shut off.

Entergy Arkansas said at 6 AM Thursday, 25,000 customers were without power, but that number grew to over 53,000 at its peak.

“We’ve had more power going out than we’ve been able to restore the past few hours,” Brandi Hinkle, an Entergy spokesperson, admitted.

Jefferson County Roads Department officials also admitted trees are falling down more quickly than they can pick them up.

“It really hindered progress for us to get where we need to be, to assess the damage, determine what it’s going to take to restore power in the way of crews and resources, materials, machinery,” Hinkle stated.

Even without electricity, Terry is doing the best he can to stay empowered with a butane heater, deep freezer, and plenty of light.

Entergy was unable to provide estimates for reconnection Thursday afternoon, but Terry says he’s ready for days.

“We were prepared for it basically, but I know there are a lot of people out here that was not,” he said.

Entergy said they will have people working throughout the night doing what they can to safely restore it.

“I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes working in all this,” Threlkeld admitted. “They got their work cut out for them this time.”