NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- The city of North Little Rock says many of its hotels are full due to people being displaced by the tornadoes and as people are trying to find homes, community groups and churches are working to put the pieces of their lives back together.

Lloyd Jefferson says he has lived in North Little Rock for years, but on March 31 “everything was gone that fast” when an EF-3 tornado came through his neighborhood.

“We ran in the bathroom, heard the house shake, rock, heard a big boom and that was a tree right here that fell on the house,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson says he thought his life was about to end when a tree landed on his home. 

“I thought the whole house was about to cave in on me,” Jefferson said.

Jefferson says when he stepped outside his home, he was shocked by the amount of damage that was caused to his home and around his neighborhood. However, he says he and his community are getting a much-needed helping hand. The Sherwood church, ‘That. Church’ says they’re assisting as many tornado victims as they can.

“It’s been a blessing,” Jefferson adds. “Volunteers came and cut it (the tree on his house) up.”

Pastor Scott Harness says once the storm hit members of his church, he knew they wanted to serve.

“We were sending out a couple hundred people a day,” Harness said.

Although that number has slightly gone down, Harness says they’re still cutting down trees and tarping what they can to prepare communities for Tuesday’s severe weather.

“If someone’s house has been invaded by a tree with holes in the roof they are getting tarped up,” Harness said.

The chance of another round of bad weather has Jefferson freighted.

“I’m nervous as heck.” Jefferson continues, “I told my wife I don’t know about staying here if another road is coming.”

Harness says multiple churches are out helping. Shane Munn is a Pastor at One Church in Joplin, Missouri, he says he came down to help after first visiting Harness’s church back in 2011 when they were struck by a deadly tornado.

“They (That. Church) were a church that showed up and kept showing up.” Munn adds, “We came down just to return the love.”

Jefferson says he appreciates all the help his community has been receiving.