LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – There is more damage still being uncovered and personal belongings found all across Little Rock as people are now trying to clean up the mess left behind.

“We definitely walked away with nothing,” said resident whose home was leveled, Erika Jackson.

Jackson walked down the steps of what once was her family’s home.

“Right here you come in through the steps, it was a two story house and this right here would be my daughters room,” said Jackson.

Erika Jackson and her family describe the moment they came back to see what was once a beautiful home, that is now gone.

“I was just in disbelief like what happened, the tornado like it was really bad,” said niece, Lamonica Jackson.

Erica Jackson said she went to go pick-up a family members daughter from school that day.

“By the grace of God they didn’t let us get them, so by the time we came home, everybody was running we didn’t know what was going on, we didn’t know what happened, we were running up the hill up here and we didn’t see our house anymore,” stated Jackson.

“I was walking from down the hill and I didn’t see the house like I do every day because usually I walk and I see the back porch and I didn’t see it,” said son, Jeremiah Jackson.

You can see insulation everywhere, clothes in trees, and just the tumble of all their belongings.

Although, they keep their spirits high because the community has just gathered around them to support.

“It’s definitely insane but I know, most people expect me to be sad and mad and upset, but God it’s amazing. I can replace everything you see out here, but I couldn’t replace my kids. I can’t replace my husband, they didn’t have to bury me, you know that’s a lot,” Erika Jackson said.

With help from everyone, they said they were able to find their wedding bands, old photos and high school things they treasured.

Erika Jackson said they could not be more thankful for everyone rallying behind them and helping them find their stuff they cherish most.