LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Parts of Burns Park in North Little Rock remain closed to the public following the rampage of a tornado on March 31.

City officials said it’s still not safe due to massive piles of debris that are still being cleaned up.

Limb by limb, branch by branch, picked up and shredded, as the next phase of clean-up begins after tornadoes ripped through central Arkansas.

“We also put life before property and in this situation, we put all of our focus mainly on the people and their homes,” North Little Rock Fire Department Lieutenant Dustin Free said.

Burns Park, a place people come from all over to enjoy while on vacation or for recreation, now sits closed.

Progress is being made. The City of North Little Rock is opening small sections day after day.

“Starting tomorrow the city has decided, along with as well as the Parks Department, to open up the golf course,” Free said.

In the months to come, everything will be rebuilt.

Free grew up coming to Burns Park as a kid. He said seeing it now after the tornado is devastating.

“The fun-land part across where all of the rides are that are like amusement park rides, all of those have been destroyed, there are trees all through the park, it’s going to have to have a complete rebuild,” Free said.

Just like we have seen time and time again, workers have continually been out there trying to restore what once was.

“It has really shown a good side of humanity, it has really boosted my faith in humanity actually seeing how people are acting and how they are treating each other,” Free said.

Soon, the community will not see the closed sign anymore.

“We promise we are doing the very best we can to get the park back open, but those efforts come second to making sure the community is safe,” Free stated.