Attorney General Tim Griffin gave details on his experience with the devastating tornado that ripped through Arkansas Friday, also reminding those affected to stay aware during this time.

Griffin praised meteorologists for keeping the public in the know as the tornado entered the metro. He said that he and his family were directed away from the heights neighborhood, where the storm was headed at that time.

“The ability to know exactly where that thing was going… I think that’s a huge part of why we didn’t have more lives lost than we did because the damage was devastating,” Griffin said.

Griffin said he saw the most damage on Richwood Road in Little Rock. North Little Rock Mayor Terry Hartwick said Saturday that the Amboy, Lakewood, Indian Hills and Shady Valley areas were heavily hit as well.

As the state deals with the aftermath of the tornado, Griffin warns of scams and price gouging.

He advised those affected to contact your insurance agencies instead of trusting anyone with false intentions of helping. Arkansas is in a state of emergency which prohibits businesses from charging 10% or more above the price of goods.

Griffin urged anyone having trouble with scams or price gouging to contact his office at 501-682-2007.