LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – From inside the dentist’s office on Cantrell Road on Friday, Kimberly Shaw watched what appeared to be a tornado in the distance and caught the moment on her phone.

She quickly called her husband, who was in the parking lot, inside. All the while capturing what was unfolding.

“The wind started opening the door,” Shaw said. “For some reason, in my mind I was like if it opens the door we are going to be sucked out.”

“The windows behind us blew out and when it did it went ahead and sucked me out. And so I was just holding on to whatever I was holding onto and my husband grabbed a hold of me and he pulled me back inside,” Shaw stated.

Shaw said she remembers debris flying around her and her husband holding on to her.

“I would have been sucked out the door and taken by the tornado, he saved my life.”

The video, shared more than 54 thousand times, an important  reminder Shaw said, of what not to do during a tornado.

“It is not worth the hype its dangerous. The only thing you need to do during a tornado is get somewhere safe.”