LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Some of the first images of the Rolling Fork, Mississippi tornado damage on Friday came from an Arkansas professional storm chaser.

Zachary Hall captured the mile-long twister illuminated by lightning and his pictures of the damage have been seen across the country.

Hall said the town had no tornado sirens, so his team attempted to warn residents by using the horn of their vehicle.

“It literally gives me chills thinking about, we drove the town and people are going about their business,” Hall said. “I’m from a small town, Hackett, it’s like 800 people, and I can just imagine what my hometown people would be doing. There’s a gas station…a bank. They are just going about their life man, and in a minute or two literally, their life turned upside down.”

This is the third EF-4 tornado that Hall has seen. He said he hopes tracking the storms will encourage others to be more weather aware.