LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – When Hurricane Idalia made landfall in Florida Wednesday morning, Arkansas professional storm chaser Zachary Hall was there to capture the moment and prepare others for severe weather.

Hall said he started professional storm chasing in 2020, is from Sebastian County and has since been traveling from state to state doing his job.

He said one of the reasons why he chases storms and posts pictures and videos to his social media is so people can be aware of how dangerous severe weather can be.

“If we bring this to a screen and let people see it, they will take it more seriously,” Hall said.

Hall said he drove days before the storm hit Florida so he could get local footage.

“Sandbags on the doors, you got the utility companies out the day before to get their prep done,” Hall said.

Hall said another reason he likes to get to places before something comes is so he could look for good safe places for shelter just in case. 

“I had to make a last-second call early this morning to go into Perry County, Florida,” Hall said. 

He said the eye of the storm went around him where he took shelter, however, he still felt its presence.

“On the back side of the eye, it looped around and whipped me into shape. It was scary and I could see how people could find fear in these things because it would make a believer out of you real quick,” Hall said.  “The winds were really strong and it was loud, lightning and thunder and stuff being thrown around.”

Hall said although it was a scary situation it’s best to remain calm.

“I am religious, and I feel like God has his hand on me in these situations and on the flip side I feel confident in where I put myself,” Hall said.

He said if he had one word to describe Hurricane Idalia it would be “intense.”

Hall said although he plans to drive back to Arkansas on Thursday, he feels like he has gained a lot of coverage of the storm while in the state.

“I went to Tallahassee, Crawfordville, Madison, Perry and then when I left Perry today (Wednesday) I drove through several small towns to get to Gainesville, Florida,” Hall said.

He says he documented the storm chase of this hurricane all on his social media and could tell that day by day more people were paying attention.

“As a storm chaser, if I can help prepare people and do my part in the weather world to do that, mission accomplished,” Hall said.