LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s been four weeks since the March 31 tornadoes hit central Arkansas, devastating homes across the state and leaving families on the search for somewhere to stay.

One family in Little Rock is reflecting back on their road to recovery after a tree fell on their home. 

Scott Kiehn said he and his family weren’t at home at the time of the tornado, but it was chaotic trying to get back to his home after it hit because of the amount of debris. 

“I mean I was driving in people’s lawns just to get around trees and make it through,” Kiehn said.

Kiehn says although the front of their house appears untouched, the damage was quickly seen when they stepped inside. 

“There was just water coming down our stairs and a tree trunk in our kitchen,” Kiehn said.

He says tree limbs left gaping holes in his roof and he realized the tree came from their backyard. 

“It’s a big tree and it felt like it was going to be stable. It felt like it was going to be in the ground and here it is in my house,” Kiehn said.

Scott’s family, like many others, were left displaced, now four weeks after the tornado he says they’ve already moved 3 times. They’re now living at a rental home close which Scott says wasn’t easy for them to find. 

“Actually, a week ago after working through our insurance company for temporary housing they found this,” Kiehn said.

He says their frustration only grew, trying to find trustworthy people to fix their house. 

“They were what I like to call sharks coming out and smelling the insurance money,” Kiehn said.

Kiehn also says they were able to recover clothes and some personal items from their home, but sometimes it gets emotional for his family members.

“My 11-year-old is just crying and I’m like what’s wrong and she’s like I just want to go home, I just want to be home.”

He says it might take months before they can move back in their home. However, they still find reasons to smile by making funny videos because despite everything they’ve only grown stronger as a family. 

“My family has been great. We have all supported each other and we’ve all leaned on each other,” Kiehn said.