POPE COUNTY, Ark. – Emergency crews, first responders and community members were out late Sunday night in Pope County following a harrowing day of early spring storms that dropped tornadoes.

In the small town of Dover, a visually confirmed tornado leveled trees and caused other damage. Just to the north in Martin Township, two people were hurt after storms blew a tree onto a car with a teen driver inside. While the teen was not injured, Pope County Judge Ben Cross said two other people were during the storm.

Cross asked people to try and stay off the roads Sunday night to allow emergency responders and electric crews to get to work. More than 1,100 utility customers in the county were without power due to the storms, most of them clients of Arkansas Valley Electric Cooperative.

The volunteer members of the Martin Township Fire Dept. faced the task of helping themselves before helping others after the twister knocked over a trailer and tore the doors off and damaged the roof of the fire station.

Also among the damage at the station was an American flag, tore off its pole in the storm. The volunteers found the Stars and Stripes in the wreckage and said they plan on retiring it after the storms die down.

Counties farther north in Arkansas continued to see tornado warnings pop up late into Sunday night and even into early Monday morning.

There was also a new round of storms spinning up tornado warnings in the southern part of the state early Monday morning.