NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – If you’re from central Arkansas, you likely know North Little Rock Police Officer Tommy Norman. If you’re one of the 1.3 million people who follow him on Instagram, you likely have become familiar with his daughter’s name over the last two years, as well.

Alyssa Norman- who was just 26 years old at the time- died two years ago this week from fentanyl poisoning. She was receiving help at a local faith-based recovery home when she died.

“As long as I’m breathing, no one’s going to forget about my daughter, Alyssa,” Norman said in an interview Monday.

On this anniversary week of his daughter’s death, Norman is looking back on what he said is the worst day of his life, but more importantly, looking forward to how her story can save lives in the future.

“When I do tell Alyssa’s story, the room gets so quiet you can hear a pen drop,” Norman said. “Only because people want to hear about what happened.”

Norman added that people all over the country have reached out to him over the last few years, letting him know that his daughter’s story has helped them through their addiction. He said his mission is to continue sharing her legacy, hoping to continue on this track of saving lives.

Additionally, he said Alyssa’s life helps him see his job in a new light, and he is committed to letting this tragedy soften his heart rather than harden it.

“When I go into the community as a police officer, I love on those community members more,” Norman said. “It made me tell them I love them. That’s what Alyssa did. Alyssa would love total strangers.”

Norman is spending the actual anniversary, on Nov. 17, speaking to a group of girls at a college in North Carolina about Alyssa’s story and the dangers of fentanyl.