TODAY Show Goes BIG During Rio Games

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RIO DE JANEIRO — The Olympic Games brings out the best in everyone, it evens makes live TV even bigger and better. Case in point, the TODAY show on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

During the Olympics, Matt Lauer, Hoda Kotb, Al Roker and the rest of the crew moved from the Big Apple to the Marvelous City.

“You cannot beat Rio, you cannot beat the Olympics and especially this set being right here on Copacabana Beach, so it’s everything you could ever ask for,” Morales said.

And this week, our team was invited along to take a look behind the scenes on a morning that could only be described as b-e-a-utiful, complete with country music along the shoreline.

“It’s just a fun vibe, the Band Perry was here, I just kept looking around, it’s almost a pinch me thing,” Kotb said.

Roker said it’s good to be in Rio right now.

“I feel bad for our competitors because there’s nothing else going on right now,” Roker said.

While the fun continues for another week in Brazil, Lauer reminds us quickly the stories are what keep the Olympic spirit going.

“It’s really just about getting to interview young athletes at what is perhaps the greatest moment of their life, sometimes the most disappointing moment in their lives, but it’s an honor because they put so much into it and we wanna do their stories justice,” Lauer said.

The Olympic version of TODAY, it’s a show like none other during an event the world stops to watch.

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