Which toy ducks are best?

Beyond being completely adorable, toy ducks are a classic children’s item and have been especially popularized for use with young children during bath time. Despite the commonality of toy ducks for the bath, you can also find an array of duck toys designed for use outside bath time that may be worth taking a look at.

This Aurora World Mini Flopsie Toy Duckling features a soft plush, with a cute light yellow design that makes a great gift for anyone who loves stuffed animals.

What to know before you buy a toy duck

Who it’s for

Most importantly, you’ll want to consider the preferences of who you plan to give this toy duck to when deciding which model to purchase. Those shopping for young children may want to avoid toy ducks with small pieces, while those shopping for older children may want to buy something more interactive. Considering your toy duck recipient’s age, style of play and overall preferences is a good way to make sure they’ll like what you pick.

Toy duck types

The best animal toys will vary from person to person, whether that’s a rubber ducky for bath time, an interactive set of duck figurines, a plush stuffed duck, a duck game or something else entirely. Toy ducks come in a wide variety of styles and types, so it’s worth deciding on some specific elements to help you sift through the many options.


Toy ducks can also come in multiple materials, most commonly including plush, rubber and plastic, among other materials still. Depending on your child or gift recipient’s age and style of play, it may make sense to go with one specific type of material over another.

What to look for in a quality toy duck


Most of all, a toy duck should be fun for the person who owns it, as that tends to be the main purpose of any toy. As one example, part of the reason toy ducks have become common for children during bath time is that they make the experience fun and interactive to help make the child focus less on potential discomforts while being bathed.


Choosing a toy duck that’s age-appropriate is important to ensure the safety of the child and optimal enjoyment of the gift. While small objects and hard plastic toys may not be as suitable for young children, plush duck toys usually offer a wider range of recommended ages. Older children may also prefer toy ducks that offer more versatility.


Playtime can often be hard on toys, so it’s worth buying a product that’s well-made enough to hold up against the robust needs of the average child’s playtime. Cheap toy ducks may tend to be made from lower-quality materials and products, while choosing a trusted brand with high-quality products can provide your child with fun for years to come.

How much you can expect to spend on a toy duck

Toy ducks come in a slew of different types and styles, as well as being offered at an array of different price points. You can buy cheap toy ducks for as little as $2, while most toy duck products will cost between $9-$30.

Toy duck FAQ

Are there toy ducks that quack?

A. You can find various toy ducks that quack, especially in the classic rubber ducky style. Still, if you’re looking for a toy duck that quacks, you’ll want to double-check with the rubber duck toy you’re looking at purchasing that it does because not every model does.

Where can you find toy ducks for dogs?

A. Duck toys are often used as dog toys, and many of them even squeak or quack like many duck toys made for humans. You can buy toy ducks for dogs at several online pet supply retailers like Chewy.

What’s the best toy duck to buy?

Top toy duck

Aurora World Mini Flopsie 8-inch Toy Duckling

Aurora World Mini Flopsie 8-inch Toy Duckling

What you need to know: This small, 8-inch plush duckling toy is perfect for kids ages 3 and up, featuring a soft faux fur in a light yellow color that’s great for snuggling and playing alike.

What you’ll love: This toy duck is especially safe for young children since it’s made from soft plush material, and with a manufacturer-recommended age of 3 and up, it works great for most young kids that like having stuffed animals around. 

What you should consider: Some preferred a set of duck toys rather than a single unit and elected to buy elsewhere.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top toy duck for the money

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky Duck Toy

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky Duck Toy

What you need to know: This duck toy is both an affordable and an exciting option for many young children, sporting the classic rubber ducky look and the ability to float that’s perfect for bath time.

What you’ll love: This duck toy includes a safety disc that reveals the word HOT in white when the bathwater may be too hot for children. Buyers can also purchase this as an individual unit or in a playset with a variety of other bath toys.

What you should consider: This duck toy doesn’t squeak or quack like some classic rubber ducky bath toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Prextex Six-Piece Plush Duck Toy Playset

Prextex Six-Piece Plush Duck Toy Playset

What you need to know: This clever six-piece plush duck toy playset features one large mother duckling with a zipper on its back, revealing five smaller plush ducks.

What you’ll love: The large mother duckling is about 10 inches, while the ducklings are all much smaller. These plush duck toys are great for traveling and generally stowing away with the mother duckling’s zippered design, and the plush material is also easily washable. 

What you should consider: A few buyers noted that the smaller ducklings had plastic beads for eyes while the mother’s eyes are stitched.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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