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Which personalized stationery is best?

In the age of texting, Slack, Instagram and email, a handwritten note on personalized stationery is a refreshing change. Sitting down to write a letter could deepen a personal or business connection. 

Personalized stationery consists of letter-writing paper, notecards and flat cards that feature your monogram, your name or a custom illustrated portrait. This traditional way of communication has a long history and has been making a comeback.

Show your appreciation with colorful and eye-catching personalized stationery, like Embossed stationery by IronLeafPress

Types of personalized stationery 

Letterheads and cards

  • Greeting cards: These customized cards are used for special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. 
  • Thank you cards: Send a quick note of appreciation to someone in your own special way. 
  • Business cards: Establish your brand identity and create interest in clients with this networking must-have.
  • Notecards and fold-over notes: General note cards are multipurpose and are usually used for casual correspondence.
  • Couple notes: These customized note cards carry the names or initials of you and your partner that you can jointly send to someone. 
  • Letterheads: Sheets that carry your business letterhead with your logo forges your official identity and add more weight to your communication.

Mailing essentials

  • Flat cards: A versatile piece of stationery that can be used for both formal and informal occasions. It usually includes a personal address on the backside of the envelope and initials engraved on the front.
  • Customized envelopes: Get tailor-made envelopes that match your brand or stationery design and colors. You could also have your address printed on them. 
  • Envelope seals: Add an extra touch of personalization with a seal bearing your initials, logo, photo or a custom design. 
  • Stamps: Stamping packages and mail with your address, logo or company name saves time and creates an official appearance. 
  • Mailing labels: Add a professional touch and personality to your packages by using customized mailing labels to your correspondences. 

Note-taking supplies

  • Notepads: Customize your to-do lists and memos to create a more enjoyable note-taking experience.
  • Notebooks: Ideal for taking notes at school, business meetings and journaling.
  • Pens: Make it official by adding your logo and business name and keeping it at your client’s fingertips. 
  • Sticky notes: Jot lists and notes on sticky notes made with your name and favorite design.

What to look for in quality personalized stationery


The design you select for your stationery is a great way to showcase your personality and taste. Businesses traditionally use their logo and name to create a professional look and increase brand recognition. Those using the stationery for personal use can have their name or monogram printed.


Color is another way to express your taste and brand colors. White and beige are the go-to colors for stationery used for formal purposes but choosing bolder and brighter colors can work in moderate amounts. However, you have more freedom when you use them for informal communication.

Printing method

There are various printing options that you can use in your stationery. Here are the most common ones:

  • Engraving: A mental indentation is engraved using a metal cylinder and filled with ink and then pressed onto the paper. This is more expensive than other methods and is usually used for special occasions. 
  • Embossed: This is an ideal option for a polished and classy finish. Similar to engraving, this method makes the design and letters raised but without color. 
  • Thermography: This is a less expensive option than engraving but achieves a formal look. The letters are raised by heat and fusing ink and powder to give them a shiny and smooth appearance. 
  • Foil stamping: Foil stamping can help you achieve this look if you would like a metallic finish. The effect is created with a heated copper plate that pushes the foil into the paper. 
  • Letterpress: This method is commonly used for thank you notes and callings cards. Photopolymer plates are used to raise the design and letter to achieve a 3D look. 
  • Digital: These designs are similar to the look of a regular printer but of higher quality, since it’s done at professional printers. This is a good option for those on a budget.


When purchasing them, the type of occasion you’ll use the stationery for should be considered. For instance, you want to reserve fancy and costly stationery for formal and important events like a business meeting and less so for a simple thank you note to a friend.


The type of paper and the finish play an important role in the look and feel of the stationery. Paper is made from either wood or cotton. High-quality paper that’s soft to touch is made using 100% cotton, or close to it, is used for pricier, premium stationery items. Common finishes used are glossy, matte, ridge, vellum, antique, felt and embossed. 

How much you can expect to spend on the best personalized stationery

The cost of stationery increases the more you customize it. If you buy generic stationery supplies from department stores, you’ll find them for $6-$15, but it can cost as much as $1,000.

Personalized stationery FAQ

Where can I buy personalized stationery?

A. You can find stationery sets with first initials on them at department stores like Walmart and Target, but these tend to be low quality and have limited design options. If you want to customize your stationery with specific colors, designs and letters, you’ll find plenty of online stores that specialize in this service. Some popular places that make tailor-made stationery items are American Stationery, Minted, Etsy, Paper Source, Crane and The Stationery Studio.

How do I give customized stationery as a gift?

A. Customized stationery is a standout gift idea, but it does require planning. The key to creating an ideal look and format is incorporating a personal element. In addition to adding the recipient’s name and monogram, think about adding a custom drawing of an object or symbol dear to the person. For instance, if they are a rock star music lover, you can add a guitar. Also, think about their aesthetic preferences when choosing colors and styles.

What’s the best personalized stationery to buy?

Top personalized stationery

Embossed stationery by IronLeafPress

Embossed stationery by IronLeafPress

What you need to know: These handmade envelopes and note cards are perfect for gift-giving or personal use.

What you’ll love: The custom stationery includes a name in caps, blind embossed across the top of the notecard and envelope. The pieces are made on lofty 110-pound cotton stock. Color options include sand, olive, white, kraft and slate.

What you should consider: Customization is limited to names and the stationery is offered in only five colors. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Top personalized stationery for the money

Personalized stationery by AugustaJoyStationery

Personalized stationery by AugustaJoyStationery

What you need to know: Personalize these monogrammed note cards with simple and elegant designs.

What you’ll love: You can add a first name, last and middle name initial and a return address on the notecards. The monogram is printed on one side of thick and premium 118-pound white cotton cardstock. The cards are available in 23 colors. The package comes in a clear box tied with a white grosgrain ribbon.

What you should consider: It uses regular printing for personalization and does not offer other customization options. 

Where to buy: Sold by Etsy

Worth checking out

Personalized notecards by Pen & Pad Stationers Store

Personalized notecards by Pen & Pad Stationers Store

What you need to know: These classy envelopes and note card sets are ideal for formal occasions and professional use.

What you’ll love: One set includes 50 note cards and matching envelopes. The stationery is made with high-quality white and heavyweight 80-pound cardstock. You can add your initials and full name to the notecards in navy blue or black printing and three different fonts.

What you should consider: Some buyers didn’t find the printing quality to be up to the mark.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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