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My dog is my best bud and I’m always looking for new products to enrich her life. So I tried BarkBox, a monthly subscription service that sends a box of dog treats, toys and chews for your canine companion. 

I love that the product selection is tailored to my dog so I don’t end up with toys that are too small for her or chews that are unsafe. While I love finding new treats and dog toys for my pup, I’d rather be spending quality time with her than traipsing around stores or scouring the internet, so it’s ideal that the BarkBox arrives at my door once a month. 

Both my dog and I have been pleased with BarkBox and I haven’t stopped talking about it to my dog-owning friends. 

What is BarkBox? 

BarkBox is a monthly subscription box for your dog. Each box contains two toys, two packs of treats and one chew. In addition to the standard BarkBox, you can select a Super Chewer box for heavy chewers. 

How BarkBox works

Head to the BarkBox website and you can sign up for either a rolling monthly subscription or a fixed 6-month or 12-month subscription. The website asks for your dog’s name, breed and weight class — either small (under 20 pounds), medium (20-50 pounds) or large (over 50 pounds). Once you’ve signed up, your BarkBox will arrive once a month until you cancel your subscription. 

What you need to know before purchasing a BarkBox subscription

My dog weighs over 75 pounds and I like that I don’t get charged extra for my BarkBox for a large-breed dog. I’ve found that the toys, treats and chews are of an appropriate size and durability. 

I don’t expect plush toys to last long with my pup, but if she destroys them in less than 14 days of receiving the box, I can contact the BarkBox team and they’ll replace it with something more durable. They can also note what types of toys or treats are unsuitable and personalize your dog’s monthly box. Some of these adjustments aren’t available unless you order your subscription from BarkBox directly, which is worth remembering.

What impressed me about BarkBox is the quality of the treats. They’re made in North America and are free from the kinds of low-quality filler ingredients that are often found in dog treats. You can specify during sign-up if your dog is allergic to beef, chicken or turkey, and you can also email the company after sign-up to tell them about any other allergies and they’ll do their best to accommodate them.

I love that the BarkBox has monthly themes, so it’s just as exciting for me to find out what’s inside as it is for my dog. The themes are varied and some make more sense than others, but I especially enjoyed the Halloween box. 

Where to subscribe to BarkBox


You can either subscribe directly through BarkBox or at Amazon

It’s worth noting that when you subscribe at the BarkBox website, you’re asked more questions about your dog, such as breed and allergies, plus they ask for your dog’s birthday or adoption day and send an extra item that month.

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