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Which greenhouse is best for the backyard?

If your plant collection is growing out of control or if you’re interested in starting a garden, a backyard greenhouse offers an ideal solution that saves space and keeps your plants happy.

Backyard greenhouse kits allow the at-home gardener to set up a dedicated area for growing plants where they can soak up the right amount of sun. This means you can grow each plant in its ideal environment. Some backyard greenhouses can help grow plants year-round, while others are better suited to specific seasons.

Greenhouse features to consider

There are a few key features to think about before purchasing the best backyard greenhouse for your space. The size, shape, frame material and finishes of your greenhouse all depend on how you plan to use it.


The smaller the greenhouse, the fewer plants you can grow inside. That said, by adding just a few square feet of space to your floor plan, you can add even more growing room since more floor space equals more vertical room above.


Rectangle and square greenhouses are the most common and most efficient for cross ventilation. Octagonal or hexagonal shapes may be more attractive but are less common, more expensive and more challenging to promote air circulation.

Frame material

Steel framing will be one of the most durable options, though it may also be more costly. Aluminum framing offers stability while being lightweight and more affordable. Wood framing is the heaviest option, though it lends a more classic look. Plastic framing is the cheapest option but also the most prone to damage.

Finishes and glazing

Polycarbonate greenhouse panels offer solid window-like coverage without the weight or price tag of glass windows. PVC materials provide a much more cost-friendly option that requires less installation and cleaning. However, PVC mesh materials may show wear and tear as they are not as sturdy for all-weather gardening.

Best backyard greenhouse kits

Best of the best backyard greenhouse

ShelterLogic 10' x 20' GrowIT Greenhouse

ShelterLogic 10′ x 20′ GrowIT Greenhouse

What you need to know: The 10 foot by 20 foot by 6 foot greenhouse offers a secure, enclosed space to help seedlings sprout and extend the growing season.

What you’ll love: ShelterLock technology makes the building more durable. Translucent sections diffuse sunlight, and roll-up windows along the sides allow air to flow as needed.

What you should consider: The greenhouse structure does not come with shelving units.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon, Home Depot and Wayfair

Best bang for your buck backyard greenhouse

Gardman Mini 4-Tier Greenhouse

Gardman Mini 4-Tier Greenhouse

What you need to know: This small vertical greenhouse offers a decent amount of growing room for gardeners who are tight on space.

What you’ll love: Four shelves connect to a sturdy metal tubular frame. A roll-up zippered door gives easy access to your plants while also staying secure when closed. It’s easy to assemble and doesn’t take up much space.

What you should consider: Familiarize yourself with weight limits for each shelf and secure the unit after setup so it doesn’t become top-heavy and fall over.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best walk-in backyard greenhouse

Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel

Best Choice Products Walk-in Greenhouse Tunnel

What you need to know: For the green thumbs who need more space, this oversized gardening tunnel provides plenty of walking room to access all your plants under one roof.

What you’ll love: The large arched entryway provides ample space to enter and exit, and eight roll-up windows let you customize your airflow. The powder-coated steel frame, ground stakes and ropes help secure the greenhouse.

What you should consider: Assembly instructions can be complex, so set aside extra time and be patient as you set it up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Best polycarbonate backyard greenhouse

Palram Harmony Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Palram Harmony Polycarbonate Greenhouse

What you need to know: The highly durable polycarbonate roof and wall panels provide support and temperature control while blocking UV rays. 

What you’ll love: A galvanized steel base provides a strong foundation for the aluminum frame. An adjustable roof vent, rain gutters and a lockable door handle with a magnetic door catch offer extra features not often included in canvas greenhouses.

What you should consider: The assembly process is involved, and instructions may be challenging to follow. The structure may not withstand high wind areas, so keep that in mind when choosing your location.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best starter greenhouse

ShelterLogic GrowIT 6’ x 8.5’ x 6.5’ Greenhouse

ShelterLogic GrowIT 6’ x 8.5’ x 6.5’ Greenhouse

What you need to know: This medium-sized greenhouse kit is a valuable size for beginners or those with small yards.

What you’ll love: The kit comes with shelving units so you can set up your plants right away. The translucent cover with UV protection and venting ensures your gardens get the right amount of light and airflow. ShelterLock technology secures the shed-sized greenhouse to prevent wear and tear.

What you should consider: With many different parts, this greenhouse can take more time to assemble. Read instructions thoroughly before setting it up.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best small backyard greenhouse

Outsunny Outdoor Walk-in Tunnel Greenhouse

Outsunny Outdoor Walk-in Tunnel Greenhouse

What you need to know: At the size of a walk-in closet, this walk-in greenhouse provides a short hallway of space for gardeners with lots of plants and not much room.

What you’ll love: Powder-coated steel framing supports the structure of this greenhouse. Roll-up window covers provide ventilation while the PE mesh grid material helps control temperature and light diffusion.

What you should consider: You may need to replace the mesh cover after a few growing seasons since it’s not as durable as the steel frame.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best lean-to greenhouse

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

Giantex Garden Portable Wooden Cold Frame Greenhouse

What you need to know: This small cold frame is essentially a mini greenhouse sitting between 3-4 feet tall. It is ideal for individuals who want to grow a few small plants but who don’t have much ground space or vertical space for a greenhouse.

What you’ll love: Double shelves offer three layers of growing space. Two doors and a foldable top allow ample airflow. Easy assembly makes it portable to move as the seasons change. The wood frame looks elegant outside any home.

What you should consider: As it is lightweight, this greenhouse struggles under strong winds and weather. You may need to add extra bracing for support.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Best luxury backyard greenhouse

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse

Little Cottage Company Colonial Gable Greenhouse

What you need to know: This impressive greenhouse adds significant gardening space as well as curb appeal to your yard. Prepare to show it off to your neighbors.

What you’ll love: Sections are pre-built in panels for easy installation. Siding and trim pieces are primed and ready for paint. Corrugated polycarbonate roof panels are lightweight. Functioning windows, rods for hanging baskets and a Colonial Dutch door offer both function and style. All installation hardware is included.

What you should consider: With all its extra features and ready-made design, this luxury greenhouse might cause sticker shock for the average buyer.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Wayfair

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