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The best hemorrhoid creams for 2021

Believe it or not, everyone has internal hemorrhoids. You are born with them because they are a necessary feature of the digestive tract. It is only when hemorrhoids swell, become inflamed or prolapse that people experience discomfort and seek relief.

A hemorrhoid cream is used to reduce swelling and soothe the pain, burning and itching accompanying a hemorrhoid flare-up. The best relief, according to our research, is Preparation H Hemorrhoid Multi-Symptom Pain Relief with Aloe. This affordable option promptly reduces or eliminates many of the unpleasant symptoms associated with hemorrhoids.

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What to know before you buy a hemorrhoid cream

What is a hemorrhoid?

There is a cushion of blood vessels that line the anal cavity. When these veins swell, they can cause a variety of uncomfortable symptoms. Hemorrhoids can occur inside the rectum or under the skin around the anus. It is estimated that roughly three out of every four adults will experience some kind of hemorrhoid symptoms in their life.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids

There is a wide range of symptoms that accompany hemorrhoids.  These symptoms include blood in your stool, visible lumps around the anus, swelling, pain, itching, burning and more. It is essential to pay attention to these symptoms because they also indicate more potentially serious conditions. If the problem persists for more than a few days, it is crucial to contact your doctor. If you have significant amounts of bleeding or are experiencing lightheadedness, you should immediately seek emergency care.

What to look for in a quality hemorrhoid cream

Tube size

Hemorrhoid cream comes in a wide variety of sizes. You might purchase a tube that only holds a third of an ounce or you may find a two-pack that contains two ounces of cream. Be sure you know how much you are purchasing so you are not surprised when your hemorrhoid cream arrives.

Symptoms treated

Different hemorrhoid creams work in different ways. The active ingredients determine how the cream may help and which symptoms it can treat.

Swelling and itching: The most common symptom of hemorrhoids is an uncomfortable swelling accompanied by an itching or burning sensation. Hemorrhoid creams that contain hydrocortisone can help reduce these symptoms.

Pain: In some instances, acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin may provide relief from painful hemorrhoids. If you use a cream, look for one with a numbing agent, such as lidocaine, to reduce your discomfort.

Other irritations: Many hemorrhoid creams feature a soothing ingredient such as witch hazel, aloe or even menthol to soothe an irritated or inflamed region. If you’d like cooling comfort, look for a cream with a soothing additive.

Cream vs. ointment

While many individuals may consider the words cream and ointment interchangeable, there is a very big difference between the two. A cream has equal parts water and oil so that it may evaporate or absorb more quickly. Conversely, an ointment has a far greater percentage of oil. The benefit of using an ointment is that it is better at protecting the skin. However, many people do not prefer the greasy feeling that ointments have.


It may be hard to find a potent hemorrhoid cream that doesn’t also have an unpleasant odor. However, if you are sensitive to scents, creams that use natural ingredients may be a better option for you.

How much you should expect to spend on a hemorrhoid cream

Hemorrhoid creams range in price from $5-$40 or more. While the amount of medication, additives and special formulas can legitimately drive up costs, be wary of costly creams that contain the same ingredients as more affordable options.

Hemorrhoid cream FAQ

What causes hemorrhoids?

A. Hemorrhoids occur when there is increased pressure in the lower rectum. This can happen for various reasons. Some of the most common causes of hemorrhoids are having a low-fiber diet, heavy lifting, straining during bowel movements, giving birth, being overweight, sitting for extended periods on the toilet and having chronic diarrhea or constipation.

Does hemorrhoid cream cure hemorrhoids?

A. While there are many options available to treat and remove hemorrhoids, the purpose of a hemorrhoid cream is not to cure hemorrhoids. A hemorrhoid cream temporarily relieves the swelling, burning, pain and itching associated with hemorrhoids.

What is the best hemorrhoid cream?

Top hemorrhoid cream

Preparation H Hemorrhoid Multi-Symptom Pain Relief with Aloe

Preparation H Hemorrhoid Multi-Symptom Pain Relief with Aloe

What you need to know: If you are seeking a product that has been proven effective time and again, this is your best option.

What you’ll love: This is a maximum strength over-the-counter cream that contains vitamin E, panthenol, and aloe to provide rapid relief from the discomfort associated with hemorrhoids.

What you should consider: This product is a customer favorite and tends to produce very few complaints.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top hemorrhoid cream for the money

Earth's Care Hemorrhoid Relief Cream

Earth’s Care Hemorrhoid Relief Cream

What you need to know: This Earth Care cream is a great option for individuals looking for an affordable choice that doesn’t use vasoconstrictors.

What you’ll love: Earth Care’s hemorrhoid cream is formulated to be non-greasy and contains no vasoconstrictors, steroids, petrochemicals, parabens or fragrances. The dual-action formula of witch hazel and menthol provides relief from itching and burning.

What you should consider: The menthol in this product gives it a cooling sensation that some love, but a few may find uncomfortable. 

Where to buy: Sold by iHerb

Worth checking out

Preparation H Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment Ointment

Preparation H Hemorrhoid Symptom Treatment Ointment

What you need to know: Individuals who have drier skin and prefer ointment over cream will gravitate toward this beneficial option.

What you’ll love: This formula provides prompt relief from the pain, itching and burning typical of hemorrhoid flare-ups. The ointment is effective on both external and internal hemorrhoid symptoms.

What you should consider: While most experience good benefits, some only had minimal results.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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