PULASKI COUNTY, Ark.- During this pandemic, many of us have picked up new hobbies and learned new things.

A lot of us had to seriously alter our job life too.

That’s especially true for educators.

One teacher at Mills Middle School is teaching students art by using what’s around them.

Art is not like math.

You can’t fill out worksheets.

There are no right and wrong answers to write down.

“In art, you need a bunch of different materials to make something happen,” says 8th Grade Art Teacher Lindsey McMullin. “So I’ve had to give students digital options for working digitally.”

McMullin shows students to use what they have, whether virtual or in class.

“They really prefer to work hands-on,” McMullin says. “They want to be making art with their hands versus working being on the computer when they’re on the computer for eight hours a day.”

Sometimes, that means being resourceful.

She’s teaching her students to draw inspiration from art influencers online.

“Been finding boxes and empty bottles and empty toilet tissue rings,” says McMullin. “Sculpting with those kind of things. We can sculpt! Just not the way they want.”

This is her first year teaching, which she sees as an advantage.

“I haven’t had the opportunity to get set in my ways,” McMullin says. “I don’t know any different.”

She uses a monitor that her in-class students can see, and her students at home can see on their computer screens.

“Not all my virtual students have access to art materials,” says McMullin.

McMullin is very flexible.

“I’ve offered to put together kits,” McMullin says. “If they want to pick up art kits with paper, pencils, everything they need. It’s just been a matter of just figuring it out. Every day.”