LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Power Woman Claire Brown stopped by KARK 4 News to discuss how women are affected by domestic violence and some ways to not only help themselves but also others enduring domestic violence.

Claire said that recent studies rank Arkansas as 10th in the country for states with the most domestic violence, and one in four women will experience domestic violence within her lifetime.

She said that domestic violence doesn’t always involve a romantic relationship, and identifying it is key to knowing that love equals respect.

Claire said some of the things that fuel domestic violence are:

• Childhood experiences, repeating generational trauma

• Economic stressors

• Mental Illness

• Substance abuse

There are several organizations that offer everything from mental health, legal help, shelters and employment help.

For more information on getting help. visit Women’s Own Worth, Dorcus House, Women and Children First and Domestic Peace.

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