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LITTLE ROCK — Signed, sealed, and soon to be delivered to Fayetteville, the Arkansas Fantastic Four had plenty to share with fans after officially becoming Arkansas Razorbacks last week.

So Hogville.net and KNWA / Pig Trail Nation obliged them with four ZOOM interviews resulting in 52:19 of internet magic.

In case you missed it, here are those interviews with new Hoop Hogs Moses MoodyJaylin WilliamsDavonte “Devo” Davis, and Khalen “KK” Robinson, a quartet of 2020 in-state players ranked in the national Top 100 that gave head coach Eric Musselman the No. 7 recruiting class in college basketball …

“We had conversations there, we actually talked after the first night. We went back to the hotel and really talked about all the stuff we liked. We just felt like our games together would be great to keep what we have going.” — Moses Moody on taking his official visit to Arkansas in October with childhood friend and new Hog teammate KK Robinson.

“We have the No. 6 or 7 recruiting class in the country, so we have great players coming in. They (Hogs) had a great season even without the new players last season, so just us being able to come together and Coach Musselman with the year under his belt, just having that experience of being used to the system I don’t see why we shouldn’t be able to win the championship.” — Moses Moody on Hog futures in year two under Eric Musselman.

“You think KK’s quiet. Once you really get under the surface, KK’s a real fun guy.” — Moses Moodyresponding to the notion that KK Robinson is a silent assasin.

“Coming into Northside in 10th grade, we had a great leader on the team being Isaiah (Joe). He really showed me the ropes, showed me what to do on the court. Seeing him work hard everyday, before school and after practice everyday, seeing him put up thousands of shots really just showed me everything … he was a great leader, it impacted a lot of us coming through there.” — Jaylin Williams on who influenced his career as a Fort Smith Northside Grizzly.

“Before that game when we were in the hotel downstairs eating breakfast, our coach overheard what he was saying, saying that he was gonna give me 20 or 30. So I had to make sure I came into that game with some intensity trying to beat them …” — Jaylin Williams on hanging 33 points & 11 rebounds on 7-footer & 5-star North Carolina signee Walker Kessler in November 2019.

“Get ready, get ready. It’s gonna be crazy at Bud Walton. We’re gonna bring it next year, we’re gonna get some wins, we’re gonna run the SEC.”— Jaylin Williams on what Hoop Hog fans can expect next season.

“I never worked on it actually. It just came with my ability to play basketball. Of course I work on my craft, different types of things every single day. Dribbling, trying to make new moves up every single day, getting a lot of shots up, or even conditioning and strengthening. It just came with my game actually, I really didn’t work on it when I was small.” — Davonte “Devo” Davis on how he developed his elite court awareness and vision as a facilitator.

“Once all the guys signed — you know I signed earlier in the fall, and KK sealed his (Monday) — it just felt amazing knowing that us four being Arkansas kids fixing to go to Arkansas and be able to make dreams come true, and make these fans happy.” — Davonte “Devo” Davis on fellow in-staters Moses Moody, Jaylin Williams, and KK Robinson joining him last week in officially becoming Razorbacks.

“Since I was a kid I grew up loving animals. I go fishing about every day … Just growing up loving animals, learning different things. Watching Animal Planet, watching shows such as Tiger King … knowing that I’m able to be in a position to own my own zoo is very special.” — Davonte “Devo” Davis on his dream of owning his own zoo.

“It means a lot just knowing I’m able to represent my state, somewhere I grew up, and now I can represent it on a national level … I feel like Arkansas always had that talent, but it was always slept on, but I feel like this year with the recruitng class we have now we’ve opened some people’s eyes and in the future there’s going to be even more talent coming out of Arkansas.” — Khalen “KK” Robinson on what it means to come out of a talent-rich state to play for his homestate school.

“I feel like I will be able to contribute on that level and on the defensive end just because I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get minutes on the floor. So I’m just ready to come in and show everybody what I have, get better everyday and compete.” — Khalen “KK” Robinson talkin’ about his specialty — defense.

“I’ve been around Devo a lot … he’s the clown, he’s the funny one. He’s always joking around, laughing, telling jokes. Always in a good mood.” — Khalen “KK” Robinson on the personality of his future backcourt mate, Davonte Davis.

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