Wieber weighs in on Olympic Gymnastics, Simone Biles and possibly facing Suni Lee.

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Arkansas Gymnastics Head Coach Jordyn Wieber is all about watching the Olympic Games in Tokyo. That makes sense, considering the Head Hog was once competing on the Olympic stage herself in London.

A part of the Fierce Five, Wieber loves the attention her sport is getting.

Simone Biles has been a topic of conversation, not because of her gymnastics, but her decision to withdrawal from numerous events. Wieber, like many others, completely understands where Biles is coming from.

There is also a chance Razorback Fans can see gold medalist Suni Lee in action. Arkansas is hosting Auburn this season, and will compete against Auburn on the road. If Lee decides to return to Auburn, that will definitely draw a crowd.

“I think that’s just only exciting. I think it will draw a massive crowd, and it will make the competition really fun. It will challenge our team to step up their game a little bit knowing they’ve got some star power,” adds Wieber.

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