As Spring Football rolls on on The Hill, the Hogs continue to find out more and more about their team. The overall consensus we are getting from Sam Pittman and the players is look out for the Defensive Ends.

“I like it a lot. We got enough guys to where if somebody gets banged up one game, we could just put the next in and there won’t be a major falloff,” says defensive end Landon Jackson when asked about the depth of that position.

“I think we had 42 sacks last year and I think it’ll be a lot like that again. And I feel like that all starts with obviously Coach C will, but then Coach Adams as well. Coach Adams works us like crazy in Indy and I feel like our pass rush is naturally getting better,” Jackson adds.

You can watch more from Jackson and the other players in their post practice press conference above. Arkansas’ Spring Game is April 15th.