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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Redshirt freshman cornerback LaDarrius Bishop saw his most extensive playing time on Saturday and produced with a touchdown on a scoop-and-score play.

On Tuesday, he talked about the play where he scored.

“It was unreal,” Bishop said. “Sosa (Agim) making the ball go back inside, Hayden (Henry) coming in and making the big hit and me scooping and scoring and just seeing the green grass and just running to the end zone, it felt pretty good.”

What did it mean to get some real playing time?

“Just throw me in the water,” Bishop said. “Put me in deep water. It’s getting me better and ready for better competition later in the season.”

Bishop redshirted as a true freshman from Ashdown last year. What has it been like waiting your turn to play?

“It’s been pretty good but I mean I’ve been down, sometimes down, just waiting on my turn and getting ready every moment every week and just waiting,” Bishop said.

What did the coaches say to you about your game on Saturday?

“He said I just need to work on a few more things,” Bishop said. “Technique wise and getting my head on a swivel on that ball. Really just technique.”

Limpert’s Best Game

Connor Limpert had two field goals and five touchbacks on kickoffs this past Saturday as well as was perfect on point after touchdowns.

“I thought it was a good performance,” Limpert said. “Probably one of the best games I’ve had since I’ve been here.”

Limpert’s longest field goal on Saturday was 54 yards and had plenty of distance to spare. He was asked Tuesday if he knew it was good as soon as he hit it?

“Oh yeah right after it came off my foot I knew it was gonna be good,” Limpert said. “You can just feel it at that point.”

The field goal Saturday looked like good from maybe 65. What is your distance in a game if called upon?

“I think it really just depends on the atmosphere,” Limpert said. “The wind could be a factor. No wind, I’m confident 60 on in. Wind behind my back you never know.”

Limpert’s kickoffs also were carrying well off his foot on Saturday. Was it just your day started off good with the field goal and long kickoffs early on and it just kinda snowballed into a great day?

“I was hitting the ball really well all throughout the week,” Limpert said. “Right when I got into that stadium I was getting the feel for that new grass for my kickoffs. I had to adjust a little bit from the first home game. I was feeling really good and just kept it going throughout the game. I wasn’t really worried about the returns. We had a good plan going into it. I was really confident in it.”

Trey Knox’s Health, Chemistry With Nick Starkel

Freshman wide receiver Trey Knox was limited in Tuesday’s practice. Afterward he talked about his health.

“I feel good,” Knox said. “My hip was a little stiff, but I’m progressing, getting better every day, so I should be fine.”

Was that from the hit at Ole Miss?

“Yes, I got hit against Ole Miss,” Knox said. “It was the one where the corner ran off the sideline and then I took another big hit going this way in the fourth quarter, and I got hit in my hip again, but I should be fine.”

It seems like you have great chemistry with Nick Starkel.

“Nick is a good guy,” Knox said. “We gelled together as soon as he got here. He’s a great quarterback mind. He knows where he wants to put the ball, and he knows what he wants to do, so you can’t argue with somebody that knows what they’re here to do.”

It seems like he just pulls the string on it.

“Oh I love it,” Knox said. “He’s a medium risk, high reward type of guy, and I think that’s what we need in this type of offense — somebody to take chances, throw the ball downfield and give our playmakers chances.”

Following the win on Saturday, Chad Morris danced in the locker room. Knox gave his report of Morris’ dancing skills.

“I mean, I enjoyed them,” Knox said. “I thought he was going to hit the meanest ‘woah’ of the 21st century, and he started doing the wave or whatever and then he just lost me. But hey, he was going at it for a little bit though. I was in the middle right there next to him, though. He impressed me, though. I didn’t think he had it like that.”

Arkansas won two games in 2018. They have a chance to win their third game of the season and second in a row on Saturday. How big would that big for the program?

“It would definitely be big for us and having momentum on our side going into Texas A&M, going into Dallas, Jerry World, playing,” Knox said. “I think it would help us play. I think we’re growing together as a team and just getting another win would help us to have that edge about us being 3-and-1 going into Texas A&M.”

Grant Morgan Talks Momentum

Linebacker Grant Morgan also talked about Arkansas having a chance to build some momentum this week if they can win.

“Coach Morris always says … coach Mo, coach momentum, he’s on our side,” Morgan said. “We need to be able to keep it on our side. Momentum is big in this game, especially in the SEC, no matter who you’re playing. Wins are big, and if we can string a couple along going into Texas A&M … we have to focus on this week and this week only and try to get more momentum going for us.”

Morgan also talked about how he thinks the defense will do this weekend.

“We, as a defense, want to hold them to 0,” Morgan said. “I can’t speak on the offense, but I talked to Nick today and he said he wants to put up 73 points, he wants to put up 100, he wants to put up 173.

“Crap. We want to hold them to 0 and as low as we can in rushing yards. I know we had 3-4 plays defensively that we didn’t really step up and kind of do our jobs and bump over to five-man surface and stuff like that. It’s just kind of mental. They didn’t take it from us. We gave it to them a little bit and I think we need to focus on that week, and be able to not give anything away and be able to take it.”

Andrew Parker was working with the second unit on Tuesday. Do you think he might get some action on Saturday?

“I fully expect a lot of people to play this weekend because I want the score to be in our favor, but it’s next-man-up mentality, like Chief always says,” Morgan said. “You’ve got to be able to know your stuff and be able to play. Every single one of those guys in (the LB room) wants to play.”

Arkansas will host San Jose State on Saturday at 6:30 p.m. The game will be televised on the SEC Network.

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