Trey Knox Stepping up at Wide Receiver, Kendal Briles Praises the Sophomore

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FAYETTEVILLE — Trey Knox had a very good freshman season in 2019 catching 28 passes for 385 yards and three touchdowns.

Knox, 6-foot-5, 207, played in 11 games last fall starting each of them. Justin Stepp is back to coach him at wide receiver, but the team has a new offensive coordinator in Kendal Briles. Knox has impressed Briles.

“Trey’s really consistent,” Briles said. “He’s a long kid. The thing that I’ve talked to Trey about is just trying to play more explosive. Beating people at the line of scrimmage, using his long limbs to his advantage.

“But Trey’s done everything we’ve asked. I really feel comfortable where he’s at. He catches the ball really well. I’d say he’s probably one of the smartest players on the field. He’s really intelligent, and that helps when you’re playing with tempo.”

Knox and junior Mike Woods are outside receivers in Briles’ scheme. Treylon Burks, another talented sophomore, are inside receivers.

“Yeah, he does play inside receiver for us, Burks,” Briles said. “He’s going to line up in various positions. But yeah, he is at inside receiver. We’ve got a couple of guys that are playing that. T.J. Hammonds will play that position. De’Vion Warren is also in there. Then we’ve got a couple of other guys that have mixed in. But we feel good about our slots and our outside receivers. But Treylon, we’re going to have him moving around quite a bit.”

While Briles and the Hogs have some experience at wide receiver, that isn’t the case at tight end where they are still searching for 2-3 to play there. Among the candidates are senior Blake Kern, redshirt freshman Hudson Henry, true freshmen Blayne Toll and Collin Sutherland along with redshirt freshman Nathan Bax. Briles was asked what they are looking for in a tight end?

“Yeah, just a well-rounded guy,” Briles said. “We’ve got to have a physical player at that position, somebody that will finish on blocks and then a guy that’s versatile enough to get out on the edge and be a real threat in the throw game. The tight end position for us offensively, they’re not told what to do all the time. A lot of times they’ve got a line to execute and so we’ve to have a guy who can think fast, react fast, line up fast and play fast. That’s kind of what we’re looking at.

“We’ve got a host of guys that are playing that position and getting a lot of reps and those guys are all progressing. I don’t think we’ve found the guy yet. Hopefully Friday we’ll have somebody who separates. The thing I do appreciate is we’ve got three or four guys that we feel decently good at putting them out on the field and knowing what we’re going to get, but just waiting on somebody to separate.”

Arkansas won’t practice today, but will scrimmage on Friday.

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