Tomiwa Durojaiye Impressed With Everything Razorbacks Have to Offer

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FAYETTEVILLE — Middletown (Del.) three-star defensive lineman Tomiwa Durojaiye was very impressed with what the Hogs had to offer during his official visit.

How was the visit?

“Great, great,” Durojaiye said. “I enjoyed myself a lot. I really got everything I was looking for, a feel for the school and a feel for the program both on and off the field. I enjoyed it a lot.”

As with many recruits, Durojaiye said Arkansas was even better than he expected.

“Yeah, some people try to make it seem like it’s not, but I had a great time,” Durojaiye said. “Just hanging with the players, hanging with the coaches, and just the fan base stood out to me a lot. The way the fans are, it’s just a strong connection. It’s like those guys here are pro athletes.”

Delaware obviously isn’t close to Fayetteville. Will the distance from home be a negative for the Hogs?

“Not really, none of my schools I’m interested in are close to home,” Durojaiye said. “So I’ll be playing far away from home anyway. I’ve been looking for a home away from home, and Arkansas feels like that.”

He recently named a Top 8 of Northwestern, Arkansas, Michigan, South Carolina, Duke, Iowa, West Virginia and Georgia Tech. He will be at Georgia Tech next weekend, then Northwestern and finishes June at South Carolina. As a junior, he had 45 tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss and 8.5 sacks.

At Arkansas, he would be coached by Jermial Ashley. He was impressed with Ashley.

“Coach Ashley is a great guy, great family,” Durojaiye said. “I met his wife this weekend, she’s a nice woman. I really just loved how the coaches interact with each other and interact with the players. Then talking to the hosts and the other players, they were like ‘the coaches are like this 24/7.’ That meant a lot to me that the coaches are not going to change up after they recruit you. They’re going to be the same guys.”

The remainder of the staff also impressed him.

“A lot of players mentioned from the previous staff to this staff here, you can sense a change both on the field and off the field,” Durojaiye said. “You can call any of these coaches at any given time and they’ll pick up the phone for you. That meant a lot to me.”

He was hosted by Marcus Miller. In addition to his versatility that allows him to play any spot on the defensive line, Durojaiye talked about his strengths.

“Being able to pass rush and stop the run,” Durojaiye said. “I’m a guy that, I’m looking to make plays and stuff like that. Just being a game changer and stuff like that.”

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