Former Razorbacks Stacy Lewis and Gaby Lopez are joined by current Razorbacks Regina Plasencia, Maria Fassi and Alana Uriell in the field this weekend at the North West Arkansas Championship.
Lewis has served as an assistant volunteer coach over the past couple of years for the Razorbacks, but now more than ever she’s been that shoulder to rely on as they all compete in the field this weekend.
“It’s cool to see the idea we had of being able to give the invite to the players on the team to build some success down the road and it’s finally just nice to see it paying off. It’ll be a great week to be in front of the fans here. You know they’re going to have all their Razorback gear on, and carrying their bags around, you know, so it’s going to be an awesome experience for them.”  says Lewis. 
Stacy says she’s also taking the time to get some feedback from her former coach, Shauna Estes-Taylor as she prepares for competition on Friday. She said she walked nine holes with her on Tuesday and it’s nice to have a fresh perspective on her game since and get some pointers. 
In her first season on the LPGA Tour, Gaby Lopez is ranked third in the rookie standings. Now she says the number of professional tournaments she played as an amateur helped make that transition a lot easier.
“I don’t know if it sounds good or not, but I don’t feel like a rookie this year. I feel that I’m getting to know the players and getting to know, you know, being comfortable with the environment, with the arena and I don’t really feel very confident with how my game is going, you know, I have my coaches here; my family. I have huge support and I know I didn’t get to this point by myself.” says Lopez. 
This week, Lopez will be playing in a tournament that features five current or former Razorbacks. It will be, she says, like coming home.
I think it’s just a very, very special event, you know, coming to Northwest Arkansas and now being a pro. And having, sharing this experience with my teammates–I think it’s a dream come true.” adds Lopez.