LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Razorback basketball Coach Eric Musselman is known to take off his shirt, after a huge win, which is exactly what he did Saturday after beating Kansas. Although, this time, he’s not the only one celebrating shirtless.

“Hogs win, we are going crazy no doubt,” Hogs fan Caleb Burns said.

It was a fight to the final buzzer and the victory was sweet for the Razorbacks.

“Just electric to be a part of that,” Burns said.

After the big win Saturday, putting the Hogs in the sweet 16, Coach Musselman, in true fashion, ripped off his shirt as a part of the celebration.

Although, he wasn’t the only one shirtless in the crowd.

“We were there just kind of celebrating and Muss just came over and I saw him do it,” Hogs fan Davis Frey said.

In the video, Frey can be seen wearing his Razorback shirt, and in the next, he is shirtless, which went viral on social media.

“I mean I feel like it was right around the same time, it came off just instinct, I saw him do it, I’m like alright here we go, we are going crazy,” Frey said.

That’s when Frey said he looked over to see his friend, Burns, in the crowd shirtless as well.

“As soon as the time ran off, I don’t know where my shirt was, I don’t know if I was flinging it around but it was gone, wasn’t on me,” Burns said “That’s just what guys do you know? You won a game, you come back, you beat Kansas, there is just no better response than to rip the tarp off and go wild with all the fans.”