FAYETTEVILLE — Sam Pittman did a zoom conference with reporters following the scrimmage where several players were held out.

Pittman did address some of the injuries and also was pretty positive about the injury front during the scrimmage.

“As of right now I think we came out fairly injury free from today’s practice,” Pittman said.

Among the players not participating in the practice were safety Jalen Catalon, linebacker Hayden Henry, offensive tackle Ty’kieast Crawford, wide receiver Jaquayln Crawford, defensive lineman Andy Boykins, tight end Koilan Jackson, linebacker Levi Draper, cornerback Devin Bush, defensive tackle Isaiah Nichols and tight end Collin Sutherland.

“Hayden Henry didn’t play today,” Pittman said. “We’re trying to hold him out. He’s had some shoulder problems in the past. I don’t know you call it a deal I made, but I wanted him to come back because he’s a good football player. One of the things was we would let him get him shoulders strong. He’s really had a good offseason.”

Ty’kieast Crawford is an offensive line transfer from the University of Charlotte.

“Ty’kieast Crawford didn’t participate today, but he’s a guy that we’re really pleased with what he has done so far,” Pittman said. “Jaquayln Crawford wasn’t able to play today as well.”

Pittman also talked about Nichols and Catalon.

“They are both hurt,” Pittman said. “They’ve both got small injuries. So they’ll be back. Cat will be back Tuesday. I don’t know how long that Nichols will be out. I probably won’t play him Tuesday and see if this discretionary week that can get him back to full health. Just a nagging foot deal.”

Arkansas will practice Tuesday and then go to spring break.