Sam Pittman Clarifies Class of 2023 Recruiting Rule

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FAYETTEVILLE — Since Arkansas counted three scholarships forward in the Class of 2022 they are limited to 22 in the current group they are recruiting.

At this time Arkansas has 17 public commitments. Sam Pittman explained the situation a little more.

“It can’t be (full class of 25) because of the three guys,” Pittman said. “If you were able to sign a full 25, and that is still up in the air because you don’t know about portal transfers and all that stuff. But if you were able to sign 25 right now we’re able to sign 22.

“If we decided to give a first-year guy, in other words if we decided to give a scholarship to a Warren Thompson or something like that it would take the 22 to 21. Right now we’re working on we have about three available, might have four, but probably only have about three left assuming the guys that say they’re coming come.”

As far as public commitments, Arkansas has two running backs, a wide receiver, two tight ends, four offensive linemen, two defensive linemen, three linebackers, a safety, one cornerback and a long snapper.

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