FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas’ defense with the exception of a conservative approach in the fourth quarter this past Saturday has made great improvement since Quincey McAdoo was inserted into the starting lineup at cornerback.

McAdoo came to Arkansas as a four-star wide receiver, but volunteered to move to cornerback when injuries piled up in the secondary. Arkansas inserted McAdoo into the starting spot at cornerback opposite Dwight McGlothern for the second half of the Liberty game.

The improvement since has been very noticeable. Sam Pittman was asked Monday if McAdoo still wants to play wide receiver in the future, which was the plan when the move started?

“Well he keeps talking about it,” Pittman said. “About next year playing both. The only reason you’d say no is because nobody else is doing it, you know what I mean? I don’t know why you’d say no. We played two ways in high school, some of us. But you know, you could see him having a role on third down on offense and things of that nature.

“But he hasn’t decided what he wants to do. If he keeps playing like he is, I think he’ll decide to stay where he is. But I know he wants to play wideout too. We know that and we don’t want to take his love away from him on offense. Certainly we need him on defense because our defense has played a lot better since he went over there at corner.”

In seven games, McAdoo has 16 tackles, 11 solo, one for loss, a sack, picked off a pass, three pass breakups and blocked a punt that resulted in a safety and two points for the Razorbacks. This past Saturday night McAdoo blew up an Ole Miss play with his aggressiveness and physicality.

“It was incredible,” Pittman said. “I mean, it was physical. He made another open-field tackle down on our sideline that we’ve been missing. He went up there and blew it up and made the tackle on that bubble screen. He’s a very physical guy, and he’s not even developed yet like he’s going to get.

“Like I said, we talked to our staff about simplicity in coaching, and he made me think about it again because he’s, ‘that’s my man. I don’t want him to catch the ball.’ Really, isn’t that man-to-man coverage? You have a lot of technique and things of that nature, but ‘this is my guy, and I don’t want him to catch it’ is the goal of man-to-man coverage.”

McAdoo and the Hogs will take on Missouri Friday at 2:30 p.m. on CBS.