FAYETTEVILLE — Jacksonville (Fla.) Trinity Christian Academy Class of 2025 quarterback Colin Hurley is gaining offers at a very fast pace from many of the nation’s top schools.

Hurley, 6-1, 210, added an offer from Arkansas on Sunday. After getting the offer from Kendal Briles, Hurley talked about what it meant to him.

“As you know Arkansas is an SEC school and I feel SEC is where most of the competition is played at,” Hurley said. “SEC passes the ball a lot more. The SEC is where the best football is played at.”

Speaking of competition, the schools are already lining up for a shot at Hurley. Florida, FloridaState, Miami and UCF have all already offered him. Among the others are Georiga, Ole Miss, Georgia Tech, Louisville and others.

Hurley talked about Briles’ offense at Arkansas.

“I felt like the offense was very explosive for Arkansas this year,” Hurley said.

Arkansas quarterback KJ Jefferson has a lot of fans and count Hurley as one.

“I thought he was solid this year,” Hurley said. “I thought he had a great year.”

Hurley has already won two state championships at his school. He also owns a 3.98 grade-point average. He lives with his father who is a retired policeman while his mother is in the army in Africa. He talked about the aspects of his game that has made him so successful at an early age.

“I believe I can make every throw and have a strong arm, with power, velocity, accuracy and touch,” Hurley said. “I feel I’m a good leader and still learning to be better.

“I’m a gym rat. I love working out. I’m stronger than most people. I have more velocity than most QBs. I can see the field a lot better than other QBs.”

Hurley had a very good response when asked what he needs to improve in his game.

“Just anything in my game,” Hurley said. “I want to get faster and throw the ball a little harder. Be more complete in the pocket. I want to grow more. That is important to me.”

As a freshman while leading his team to the state championship Hurley completed 144 of 257 passes for 2,146 yards and 24 touchdowns. He talked about the season that ended with his team taking the state championship with a 41-23 victory over Champagnat Catholic.

“We’re a two-time state champion, back-to-back, so I feel my season went great,” Hurley said. “I put up good numbers. I had a very good season.”

When it comes time to choose a college in the future Hurley is keeping an open mind.

“Yes sir of course I am,” Hurley said. “I want to find the best program that fits me. That feels like home.”

Hurley is making plans to eventually visit Arkansas.

He’s also a model student-athlete. He is a volunteer at Big Brothers, Big Sisters as well.

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