PTN’s “Ask Mike” Segment -September 23rd

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It is time once again for our weekly “Ask Mike” Segment where our senior analyst Mike Irwin takes your questions and answers them like only Mike can. Make sure to submit your questions on Hogville for Mike to answer them.

*quickdraw who says of the San Jose State loss…..It’s real simple. Coach Morris and company got their rear ends handed to them from the first play to the last play! Why… you may ask. Because Coach Morris did not demand perfection on game strategy and personel.

Mike Irwin: More to it than that.

1. Club Dub

2. Looking head to A&M.

3. Players popping off. Got back to SJSU.

4. Open date for them

5. That’s how upsets happen but with this staff it’s a really bad look.

*woepig sooie asks: Will we see a shuffling of coordinators at the end of the year, or will Arkansas go for a real head coach? Or, are we going to just roll with another year of inept coaching?

Mike Irwin: 1.Shuffling of coordinators no a good answer. Who would you get?

2. Will this staff come back intact next year? That depends on Yurachek.

3. He said today that the program has to show success. It didn’t last week.

4 .Meets with Morris every Sunday. Said Morris understands what’s expected.

*hobhog wants to know: If Starkel comes out with 2 quick pics against A$M, who do you think is first QB off the bench?

Mike Irwin: 1. He will play better.

2. If not or if he gets hurt it will probably be Hicks.

3. JSJ if Hicks struggles then KJ Jefferson

*Hogeyeblind says: At this point appears the Defensive GA or Quality Control Intern could put together as effective of a defensive plan as Chavis. Time for a gold watch and retirement for Chief.

Mike Irwin: 1. Yes he might retire.

2. If that happens you might see one of the position coaches promoted to DC. Hard to get a name replacement at this point.

*UnknownNobody observes: As a program we are at the lowest point in our history. How did we get here and what can be done to get us out?

Mike Irwin: 1. You have to have the right AD to hire coaches and supervise coaches.

2. Petrino and Bielema. Good hires. Not managed properly.

3. Why Long was fired.

4.Should have let Yurachek hire the next head coach. make Dan Enos and interim head coach. Even if oyu have to let him coach the next season while Yurachek looks for a replacement…you at least are letting the AD hire the coach…not Julia Peoples with help from the BOT and boosters

5. How do you get out of it?

6. Morris bounces back.


7. Yurachek hires a quality replacement. Trust him

*Justifiable Hogicide wants to know: If Morris is brought back for Year 3 do you expect another major drop off in ticket sales, contributions and attendance?

Mike Irwin: 1. Depends on the circumstances. If the program improved, no

2. If Yurachek gives him another year no matter what? Yes.

*Lanny asks: Which is worse, offense or defense?

Mike Irwin: 1. Last year offense no question but I think that situation has flipped.

2. Not giving up on Starkel because of one game.

3. Defense is getting no pressure on opposing QB. Has forever to throw. Puts too much pressure on secondary.

4. Poor tackling. Over running the ball. Huge problem.

*pignparadise wants to know: Mike, Do you think Chad Morris deserves another year?

Mike Irwin: 1. The standard is usually 3 years. I think most coaches deserve that.

2. 3rd year…..your players have two years in system.

3. Most of you roster was recruited by you.

4. There are exceptions. Doesn’t happen often. But this current situation is unusual. Got to have more than 4 wins in two years.

*kevin asks: did you notice that Morris has a big laminated play sheet, not the note card he had been using. I think it means he has taken over the offense, what say you?

Mike Irwin: 1. Sideline shots show him looking at that sheet and signaling in plays.

2. Not sure how often he does this.

3. Bad Job last week.

*Piglet wants to know: What about this team gives you the most hope it can eventually be good? What worries you the most?

Mike Irwin: 1. The offense. In spite of last week think it’s improved.

2. Good QB. Talent at RB and WR.

3. O-line still a question.

4. Most concern? Defense appears to have gone backwards.

*Dwight_K_Shrute asks: What would be your go to request for a song if you were allowed in Club Dub?

Mike Irwin: 1. No one should be allowed in Club Dub.

2. Bolt the doors shut.

3. Put up a sign: Out of Business.

Seebs says: *We have fired coaches in the past for being mediocre. Now we all thirsting for mediocre and are not tasting a drop. What defects do you see in the staff and is it obvious to you?

Mike Irwin: 1. The play calling is too hit or miss. Too slow to adjust.

2. The player led culture thing is not working.

3. Where was the leadership last week when the players were clearly taking SJSU too lightly?

4. Reemphasize leadership.

5. Don’t understand not playing younger players on defense.

*BloodRedHog observes:Morris did not go back to Hicks after the third Starkel interception. Or the fourth. Does this mean Morris does not want to repeat the mistake of last year’s QB roulette?

Mike Irwin: 1. I think that was part of it.

2. Thinks Starkel is better in spite of the mistakes

3. What did he do in the 4th quarter?

*Hoggle wants to know:Mike, do you think it still possible to get Mike Leach to Arkansas or get Bobby Petrino back?

Mike Irwin: 1. A no to Petrino. Can’t Go backwards. Didn’t work out at Louisville.

2. Leach wanted the Arkansas job. Now looking at Florida St.

Midway642 asks: Mike, what do you think the effect of the SJS game will be on recruits?

Mike Irwin: 1. Lost one so far.

2. Need to bounce back this week to limit damage.

3. Recruiting could play into a decision Yurachek makes at the end of the season.

That’s it for this week. We’ll see you next Monday where maybe well be discussing a shocking development. The end that Aggie winning streak over the Hogs.

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