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Rumors are hot and heavy in the Razorback Football coaching search. Our veteran analyst Mike Irwin answers your questions on the search and more in this week’s Ask Mike segment.

Below is a transcript of the Ask Mike Segment:

Our first question this week comes from CowHog32 who wants to know:What about Mark Richt for Coach? I know he had recent health issues but if he could come in and stabilize the program for a couple years while grooming a replacement I think that would be a huge win for us. Does he have any ties to Sam Pittman?

If they hire anybody like that

would probably be Butch Davis.

Mature coach. Ties to Pittman.

Heard nothing about Richt.


*HogWild1972 says: With all the talk about needing a football coach with Arkansas ties, is that really important to building a winning culture on the hill? What about Musselman ? Does he have AR ties? Is there a difference in football and basketball in needing a tie to the state?

Great question. No Arkansas ties necessary

but his very important to embrace.

Long removes paintings

Lunney at LSU

Bielema and WMS

Lunney at WMS


New Coach


*MetropolisHog says: A lot of fans hope that Coach Lunney is retained. But what are your thoughts on him finding a head coaching job somewhere? I think he and some of our current assistants could do well at New Mexico or Rice if it opens up. Is this something he is considering?

He needs to stay.

If somebody comes in and builds the program back up.

Lunney might be the guy to take over after that.


*nuttless hog asks: Did Jeff long cave to influences from outside the uni. In regards to rivalries we had established just to satisfy The SEC and probably ESPN in regard to Texas A&M,.He did not seem in my estimation to have made the welfare of the university a priority over his.

He should have blocked that decision

The LSU Arkansas game after Thanksgiving game

was a big deal to Arkansas fans

Battleline deal is awful replacement

*Breems says:We hear a lot about smokescreens during coaching searches. Assuming that’s a real thing, what’s the point? The fan-base doesn’t know anything, so who are they trying to misdirect and why?

There are two reasons for it.

The AD is going to interview candidates before he makes a decsion.

Top Target hasn’t decided.


*I_Called_That_Play_Brotha says: Regardless of who our next HC is, it’s possible our overall wins next year could be similar to current. Discounting that number, what are other tangible things we could look at to determine if we’re moving in the right direction?

The right coach will non conference games

Notre Dame

Will break the SEC streak.

There is enough talent to do better than 2-10

and has been.


*Swine American says:Mike Leach went off on some columnist over the weekend after Washington handily beat Washington State. Are you bothered by that kind of behavior aimed at the media? Do you think Hunter Yurachek would find that a “red flag” that would disqualify Leach from consideration?

I have no idea what Yurackek thought about that.

The guy has been trying to punch Leach’s buttons for years.

Got tired of it. Told the guy off.

Look is Nick Saban nice to the media?

Coaches have been going off on the media forever.

some people think it’s politically incorrect to do that these days.

I don’t. I’ve been insulted by coaches before.

I’m 71 an still working.

Hasn’t hurt me.


jb Carroll asks: have you perceived a maturation in Coach Kiffin from his time with the Raiders, USC and at Alabama, leading to the current man, rested and tan, in Boca Raton?

As of 2 pm when we did this show there still was no head coach named

If it turns out to be Kiffin I think you can assume that Yurachek

has checked into that situation and has decided he’s matured.


*Dr. Starcs asks:Who would be on your Mt Rushmore of Arkansas Football?

Four Presidents on Mt. Rushmore.

Frank. Kenny. Lloyd Phillips D-Mac.

NC Coach. Top Winning %

Best defensive player.

Best offensive player.


*Dr. Starcs has a follow up question: Aside from maybe the ’94 basketball title, do you have a favorite moment or story in covering the Razorbacks all these years you can share?

1982 Living on Mr. Saquoah above Dickson.

Hogs Beat No. 1 Texas 42-11.

in a lighter note…

peakhog wants to know:

*Would you be in favor of resurrecting the Media 4×100 relay in Outdoor Track. I remember Nate Allen killing his second leg back in the early 80’s.

If they revived it us old guys would not be running in it.

Young guys today are in better shape.

We’d be more fun to watch.


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