Lake Hamilton’s Chase Jessup One of Top Prospects at Monster Camp

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Photo by Otis Kirk.

MAUMELLE — Lake Hamilton Class of 2022 offensive tackle Chase Jessup was among the top offensive linemen at Saturday’s Monster Camp in Maumelle.

Jessup, 6-6, 287, is a standout on both the gridiron and hardcourt for Lake Hamilton. Following the camp he talked about how it went.

“I think it went good,” Jessup said. “I got some decent times for myself and keep improving. I got some good technique work to keep getting better.”

He talked about the events he felt he did best in during the testing part of the camp.

“Probably the broad jump or 40,” Jessup said. “I don’t know what my time was.”

Jessup is one of the hardest workers in the state. Despite the COVID-19 shutdown, Jessup continued to work and train.

“Now that we’ve started football back in the mornings I workout there with my team,” Jessup said, “I do another weight lifting movement, lower body and upper body midday, then I do another football workout in the evening. So about five or six hours a day putting work in.”

Jessup, like all the other athletes in attendance on Saturday, talked about how good it was to have football back.

“It’s good to be back with my team,” Jessup said. “Lead them and get better getting ready for the season.”

Jessup is impressed with Sam Pittman and Brad Davis at the University of Arkansas. They are known for developing outstanding offensive line talent. Both of Pittman’s offensive tackles at Georgia this past season were drafted in the first round of the 2020 NFL Draft.

“I think they will produce good linemen,” Jessup said. “I think they will recruit linemen instead of body types. We’ll see after a couple of years.”

Jessup mysteriously still has no offers. Definitely the lack of coaches on the road during the spring evaluation period and then no school camps has hampered his efforts to show college coaches what he can do.

“It was just disappointing,” Jessup said. “I don’t have any offers so I’ve got to show these college coaches what I can do physically and mentally. So it was a little disappointing.”

The Wolves were 9-3 in 2019. Jessup is expecting big things again in 2020.

“We can win state,” Jessup said. “We are very talented especially in skill positions. Our offensive and defensive line we’re repairing, but I think we will be one of the best in the state in all divisions. I think if everyone stays healthy we will be on top.”

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