Kendal Briles Anxious to See Feleipe Franks, Other Quarterbacks on the Field

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FAYETTEVILLE — Arkansas’ Kendal Briles is kinda like a kid at Christmas who gets toys to play with outside, but the weather won’t permit him doing it that day.

Briles is getting to work with the quarterbacks during the virtual training sessions, but hasn’t got to see them on the practice field yet due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Briles is obviously anxious to see what Feleipe Franks, who came to Arkansas as a grad transfer from Florida, can do on the field.

“When you go after guys that are graduate transfers, obviously you have to have people that are going to come in and hopefully help change your program for the better,” Briles said. “Feleipe, we feel like was one of those kids. He’s done it at a really high level, and he’s been successful. Going through all our research on him, talking to different coaches and players that have known him, he’s a great kid. Great locker room guy and extremely hard worker. So, he’s checked all the boxes for us, and he’s been great.

“We’ve been really pleased with Feleipe and his ability to go through workouts in the weight room and do everything those guys ask. We just want to see him throw a football. That’s the craziest thing, you know? I’ve been around him since January, and I haven’t seen him throw a football because we haven’t had the opportunity to be able to do that. It’s kind of important to play that position. So, we’d like to be able to see that. That’s all the QBs. Those guys are all in the same boat. They’ve had their team-led workouts. They’ll get together with receivers and they’ll throw and do that stuff. But, we’re just excited to have him. We’re excited about what he can bring to this football team and add to it. We feel really strong about the quarterback room that we have with all those guys collectively. So, excited for him and what he would like to get done with his last stretch in his senior year.”

Briles isn’t sure how comfortable Franks is in the scheme at this time with just the virtual sessions.

“Well, you don’t know if we’re talking in the now because you haven’t been able to be on the field with him,” Briles said. “We’ve seen him play on tape. You know he’s athletic and you know he’s got a big arm. You do know those things, but you haven’t lived it with him. You don’t really get to see how fast the process is and how fast he gets the ball out. There’s so many different variables if you’re trying to play a game and not play a game. So once we have time on the field, not just Feleipe, but all those quarterbacks. We’re gonna tailor to do what they do best absolutely.”

At Florida, Franks completed 367 of 622 passes for 4,593 yards, 38 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. He rushed 189 times for 438 yards and eight touchdowns.

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