FAYETTEVILLE — A pair of Greenwood Bulldogs were among the recruits at Arkansas on Saturday with both giving the visit high marks afterward.

Class of 2025 linebacker Cash Archer, 6-0, 195, and 2026 offensive tackle Cody Taylor, 6-3, 265, made the visit. Class of 2026 quarterback Kane Archer was in Tampa, Fla., and obviously couldn’t make the trip. Taylor lived in Kansas City before moving to Greenwood.

“I think it went really good,” Taylor said. “It was a really great experience. I was able to see the linemen and how big they are. How they run their stuff in college.”

Watching the linemen did you see them doing some things that maybe you can add to your game?

“Yes sir, I like how they moved a lot faster than I thought they would,” Taylor said. “That’s something that is a key factor in being a lineman is being able to move fast.”

Taylor and his family moved to Greenwood from around Kansas City around the end of October, 2021. What do you think about the atmosphere and culture around the Greenwood program?

“I love it,” Taylor said. “Where I came from it was a 3A school. It didn’t have any weight lifting or anything. I came down here and it was a game changer.”

Rick Jones was one of the more successful coaches in Arkansas while he was at Greenwood. When Jones moved on to the college ranks at Missouri the Greenwood officials promoted Chris Young to head coach. Young’s father was a very successful high school coach and the transition at Greenwood has produced the same results. Greenwood may not win a state championship each season, but they are there competing for one. With the young talent on the way it appears that isn’t changing anytime soon.

“Coach Young is a great coach,” Taylor said. “I try to look as good as I can to him.”

Saturday’s visit was the first time Taylor had seen the facilities and what the Hogs have to offer in that regard. He was obviously impressed.

“It was crazy,” Taylor said. “I loved seeing it in person. I didn’t know it was going to be this big. I thought it would be a little bit smaller. So I thought it was pretty cool to meet coaches and shake hands.

“I got to meet Cody Kennedy, the offensive line coach, and Dowell Loggains. Well Cody Kennedy seems like a really awesome guy. When I get older he seems like a really great coach to be able to coach me one day. Coach Loggains is too.”

Taylor was impressed with Arkansas’ 9-4 season that included a win over Penn State in the Outback Bowl.

“They had a pretty good season,” Taylor said. “Sam Pittman is doing a great job. Ever since he came in it has been a whole game-changer. He has got me excited that is where I want to go.”

Cash is one year ahead of Kane in school. He is preparing for his own recruiting to take off and Saturday was a great experience for him.

“Man I really just loved seeing those players I watch on TV,” Archer said. “I really love this organization. That’s really the only team I want to play for.”

Archer talked about what he likes about the Razorbacks.

“I grew up here my whole life and it’s the only team I watched on TV all the time,” Archer said. “Just to watch those players is amazing.”

Archer talked about what he liked about the scrimmage.

“Just how big those dudes are,” Archer said.

Archer said he will play linebacker in college.

“At Greenwood I’m playing a hybrid spot and Joker,” Archer said. “I played some offense in junior high.”

Since he has three years of high school remaining Archer talked about what he feels he needs to work on to improve his game.

“I need to work on my size and game,” Archer said.

Archer also talked about what he feels about when his recruiting will really start to take off.

“I see around my junior year that’s when I start getting recruited more,” Archer said.

What would an offer to the Razorbacks mean to you?

“Everything really,” Archer said. “I love that organization and everything about it. I mean everything.”

Like Taylor, Archer is very impressed with what Greenwood and now Coach Young has accomplished there.

“I’m a home body there’s nowhere I would rather be than Greenwood,” Archer said. “Man, I love that guy (Young). He’s always giving a 100-percent on coaching. Getting everybody to give it all.”

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