Hunter Woodhall won his third career Paralympic medal on Friday, a bronze medal in the T62 400-meter race at the Tokyo Paralympic Games.

Woodhall finished in 48.61 seconds for third place, a season-best for the 22-year-old. Johannes Floors (Germany) won the gold with a time of 45.85 seconds and Olivier Hendriks (Netherlands) won silver with a time of 47.95 seconds.

“I’ve been telling myself these whole (Paralympic) Games that I just want to get out there and do my best, no matter what the outcome is, and I would be happy with it. I can’t complain about being on the podium again,” he said. “I ran a little faster earlier in the season but with 2020 season getting cancelled I haven’t trained all the way until now, it has been an extremely challenging season.”

While Woodhall knows the 2024 Paralympics in Paris are on the horizon, for now he said he wants to recover and rest.

“We’re going to take on the (United States) trials and see what happens going into the next few years. For me, it is just about going home and recovering. This whole season has been up and down, and I will try to figure it out what direction I’m going to go, but I need a mental and physical break before I decide anything else,” he said.

Outside of athletics, Woodhall is a motivational speaker.

“It’s super important, it is 50% of what I do. I come out here because I enjoy the sport of track and field, and I enjoy competition and running, but for me a lot of this is to show other people who may have a similar situation,” he said.

“I get a disability is something very visible, and if I can inspire somebody else, or push someone else to chase a dream, it is totally worth it.”