Devwah Whaley Talks NFL & Time at Arkansas

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Former Arkansas running back, Devwah Whaley, was recently signed as free agent by the Cincinnati Bengals after going undrafted in the 2020 NFL Draft. He spoke with our Tera Talmadge recently about the draft and his time on The Hill.

The Beaumont, Texas native says watching the final day of the NFL Draft was very stressful. Adding he feels blessed to sign an undrafted free agent contract with the Bengals.

“It’s exciting,” says Whaley. “Just to be able to live out my dream and play at the next level.”

Now a professional, Whaley wants to prove to prove to people that he’s still the talented back he was out of high school. As a freshman at Arkansas, Whaley rushed for over 600 yards. However, that number fell as the years went on.

“I never really got the opportunity to show them and do what I know how to do,” says Whaley. “My freshman year it was just me and Rawleigh (Williams). Fast forward to my sophomore year and it’s like three or four of us sharing the ball. Then my junior year, coach Bielema gets fired and then coach Morris comes in. Everything from there just got worse.”

Things got so bad at one point that Whaley says he debated transferring out of the Arkansas football program.

“My senior year, the first couple of games I really thought about it,” says Whaley. “To the point where I almost made that decision. But just coaches being coaches and telling you what you want to hear. I believed it and decided to stick around. It is what it is because I still made that decision on my own but I wish I would’ve followed my heart and my gut feeling and just did what I really wanted to do which was transfer.”

Whaley also added he feels like he never got the chance to fully show what he can do. Now he will get an opportunity to prove himself with the Bengals.

To hear more from Whaley, watch our full interview above.

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