Darin Turner Impressed With Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — Memphis (Tenn.) Central four-star recruit Darin Turner is one of Arkansas’ commitments.

Turner, 6-4, 215, was in Fayetteville this weekend for an official visit. He committed to Arkansas on Aug. 30. On Sunday following the conclusion of his official visit he talked about the Hogs.

“The visit went well,” Turner said. “I love it up here. Everything I expected it to be it was. Everything went well.”

Why you love it so much?

“The coaching staff is great,” Turner said. “The fan base is amazing and I’m excited to play with some of my teammates.”

Despite Arkansas losing to Auburn 51-10 Turner isn’t discouraged about the program.

“I just look at as there’s stuff to be fixed,” Turner said. “No team is perfect. It’s small things.”

Turner can play wide receiver or safety at Arkansas. What has the staff told you about your position?

“They’re kind of leaving it up to me,” Turner said. “Whatever position I feel like I need to play I’ll play that position.”

What about your versatility?

“It’s good knowing I can play multiple positions,” Turner said. “I can’t be labeled just one position in case that position doesn’t work out I can play several others.”

You met Darren McFadden this weekend. Your thoughts on him?

“He’s a cool dude,” Turner said. “He was telling me what I needed to hear not what I wanted to hear. He just basically broke it down to me. He said like no matter what win, draw or lose the fan base is going to be here and the coaching staff is going to still believe in the team. They’re just rebuilding right now. Just have a rough season. He told me they need guys like us to come in and help the program.”

The Memphis Whitehaven trio was also at Arkansas. Did you talk to them about joining you?

“I’ve been telling them to come but they’re a tough shell crack so just going to leave it up to them,” Turner said. “I’m not going to beg them. Whatever is best for them.”

Shamar Nash and Trey Knox were his player hosts.

“Those two are my closest friends,” Turner said. “It went good. I felt comfortable. I like being around them and being around here and being in this environment. They should be a good time.”

Do you plan to take any other visits?

“I’m going to try and get some other visits in but right now don’t know,” Turner said.

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