Bye Weeks Haven’t Always Been Kind to Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE — There’s no doubt the current bye week for Arkansas couldn’t have happened at much better time, but that has also been the case many times in the past and ended with mixed results.

Since beginning play in the SEC in 1992 the Razorbacks have won 15 games following a bye week, lost 27 and tied one. Sam Pittman was elated to get the bye week when it came and found no drawbacks with it.

“I think you hear all the time if you’re playing really well that you just want to keep playing you know,” Pittman said. “You hear that all the time. Really not any concern because I think we’re going to get back to the regular week. If you really think about it, you’re going, well, you’re not playing on a Saturday, that would be kind of a difference. If you’re healthier, you should be stronger mentally. And then you come back and you get a full week practice on an opponent that now you know better mentally and you’ve done more film work, you should have a better product going out there on Saturday. So I’m not really concerned about it because we’ll have a full week to put our pads back on.”

Arkansas entered the bye week with several players either injured or simply beat up to the point they weren’t playing as well as earlier in the year.

“I think it’s huge,” Pittman said. “I would assume even if you weren’t playing an SEC (team) — those four we played right there that stated with A&M — I think you would need some type of break, some type of mental break, some type of getting healthy break. It’s been really important to us. We’ve got good team chemistry, we’re trying to talk about making this run and seeing if we can do it. Our kids, if we can get healthy, our 1s can compete real well — I know we have to continue to get better depth if we lose guys, which is our responsibility.

“I just think it’s really big. I’ll just say this: walkthroughs, we’re doing extra film work, so it’s not like it’s a shortened-down day. We’re spending more time in the film vs. Mississippi State and trying to get that in their brain mentally. And then we’re walking. It went really well yesterday and knock on wood we didn’t get any young kids hurt in the scrimmage. It went really well, so that’s why we stayed with the same format.”

Here’s how each head coach has seen his team doing following the bye week.

Joe Kines — 0-1-1

Danny Ford — 2-6

Houston Nutt — 8-7

Bobby Petrino — 2-3

John L. Smith — 0-1

Bret Bielema — 3-4

Chad Morris — 0-2

Barry Lunney Jr. — 0-1

Sam Pittman — 0-2

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