By Otis Kirk

FAYETTEVILLE — Brooks Yurachek was an outstanding quarterback for Fayetteville’s ninth-grade team, but in high school he’s concentrating on linebacker and doing a very good job of it.

Yurachek, 6-1, 210, was recently offered a preferred walk-on spot by Arkansas for the Class of 2023. His father is Hunter, the outstanding Director of Athletics. His oldest brother Ryan was an assistant until recently when he left for another job and Jake was a linebacker for the Hogs as well. On Monday night Yurachek and the Purple Dogs played a scrimmage game against Greenwood.

“There’s obviously stuff to work on,” Yurachek said. “But I felt like we played good when we needed to. There’s a couple of plays stuff happened. Football is football….missed tackles, ball squirts out, balls caught and first game stuff. Very young team. Guys getting their first varsity reps against a team known as one of the best in the state. It was good experience for us.”

Yurachek and his teammates have been practicing daily against each other. He admitted how nice it was to actually play a different opponent.

“I mean it just felt so good to be able to strap them up and go actually hit someone,” Yurachek said.

As a junior on the state runner-up team in Class 7A, Yurachek had 58 tackles, 12 solo, two for loss, 0.5 sack, a pair of quarterback hurries, a couple interceptions and three pass breakups. It was play like that that earned him the PWO from Arkansas. He talked about what the offer means to him.

“It meant a lot,” Yurachek said. “My brother played, my other brother was a coach there and my dad is the AD. It’s exciting. I’m excited to see what else comes this year.”

Yurachek talked about what he feels are his strengths on the field.

“I mean I feel like I’m a run stopper,” Yurachek said. “Go out there and stop the run and can cover people. Kind of an all-around guy. Do whatever I need to on the field.”

Yurachek laughed when asked if he misses playing quarterback?

“No, I don’t miss it,” Yurachek said with a wide smile. “A lot of stuff you have to do.”

Yurachek is impressed with Sam Pittman and the program he’s building at Arkansas.

“Just how they built it up,” Yurachek said. “I was here obviously when things weren’t good. I’ve been in that locker room and seen how it’s changed. You can tell it’s a winning football program. It’s pretty impressive to watch.”

While Yurachek is impressed with the Razorbacks, he also knows it is going to get better.

“It’s pretty impressive (what Arkansas has done) until you get to know Coach Pittman and his staff,” Yurachek said. “Then you realize everyone bought into that staff and they have things rolling right now.”

Can you see yourself playing for Michael Scherer and the Hogs?

“Yes sir, definitely,” Yurachek said.

Fayetteville will open the regular season on Friday, Aug, 26, when they travel to Cabot. Yurachek talked about how good this team can eventually be.

“This team can be as good as it wants to be,” Yurachek said. “As long as we keep pushing, staying the path we will be fine. We’ve just to worry about ourselves and then take our focus to Cabot.”

Fayetteville lost a large senior class last season.

“We’re a young team with a lot of guys getting their first reps,” Yurachek said. “I’m excited to see where this team can go by the end of the year.”

Fayetteville was 10-3 in 2021.