Beaux Limmer Making Move on Depth Chart, Expected to be Part of Core on Offensive Line

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FAYETTEVILLE — He is just a redshirt freshman, but offensive lineman Beaux Limmer is making an impact on the University of Arkansas’ offensive line.

Limmer is one of the linemen that Sam Pittman has consistently praised this preseason. He redshirted last season after playing in four games and feels that helped him.

“The experience is something that’s invaluable,” Limmer said. “You never really know what it’s gonna be like until you’re actually in there playing against the best D-linemen in the nation. That experience was really great to have. As far as coming into this season, everybody’s been working their butts off. That’s me included. It’s anybody really, you just put your head down, you’ve gotta work hard and you’ll end up where you want to be.”

He has worked at both guard and center this fall. What are you playing this week?

“I’m just gonna play anywhere they want me to,” Limmer said. “I’m not sure where I’ll end up, but wherever I play I’m gonna do that to the best of my ability.

“The two positions I’ve been working is center and guard. And the cross-training definitely helps a lot just to get a better understanding of the entire playbook. At guard, you kind of have to rely on the center a little bit to know what your assignment is, but center you have to know everything, so it’s been good cross-training with center just to be certain for sure on every assignment. That really helps everybody.”

As far as playing center, do you have any previous experience playing there?

“I played center two games in high school, our center was out,” Limmer said. “I did really well snapping there. Also, last year in fall camp I played center. I was taking center reps mostly last year in fall camp, too. So going to center this year really wasn’t a very big deal.”

He came into Arkansas in the Class of 2019 with Ricky Stromberg and Brady Latham who are also competing for starting spots.

“Yeah, it’s been real fun,” Limmer said. “Me, Brady and Ricky all three of us are all real good friends. We all came in together so we kind of bonded especially the first summer we were here. So it’s been real fun alongside them. Real good bond between all of three of us when we’re out there. Communication is always really good. We’re just in sync with each other.”

The staff includes several former offensive linemen including Pittman, Brad Davis, Scott Fountain and Jon Cooper. Is it nice to have that many former linemen on a staff?

“Oh yeah, for sure,” Limmer said. “Coach Pittman being a former O-line coach, he’s always looking over us and always making sure we’re doing things right. Him and Coach Davis are on the complete same wavelength, and everything Coach Pittman says completely compliments everything Coach Davis says. So it’s really nice having both coaches helping us out.”

Kendal Briles is Arkansas’ offensive coordinator and praised Limmer recently as well and likes his aggressiveness.

“He’s just been consistent,” Briles said. “You know what you’re getting out of Beaux every day. Beaux’s really a twitchy kid. He’s got good weight. He’s around 305. But when you see him move, he really plays fast. And then Beaux will strike you, and he’ll finish you. He’s a really tough kid. I’m glad he’s on our team. He’s done a really nice job.”

Limmer was asked if there’s anyone who he credits for his mean streak?

“Yeah, Brady Latham,” Limmer said. “He’s got a mean streak for sure. He likes to come off the ball and hit people really hard and also Ricky. I really like double-teaming with Ricky because he’ll come off and put a shoulder on him and we get some pretty good double teams in there.”

The coaches have talked about Latham possibly leading the team in fights.

“Yeah, Brady’s definitely calmed it down a little bit from last fall camp,” Limmer said. “Last fall camp, he got in a lot of fights. This year, no, he has gotten in a couple, but it’s not as much. But that’s just a testament to his physicality and to his, I’d say, to his toughness, I think is the word. Just how aggressive he is, you know? He’s running off the ball. He’s running as hard as he can, and some people don’t like that, so they’ll get a little mad, and he’ll get in a little fight or whatever. But at the end of the day, we’re a teammates. It’s just football, and we’re still a team at the end of the day.”

The defensive line, like the offensive line, has gotten bigger this year. Limmer is impressed with the players lining up opposite him.

“The D-line has definitely a really big presence this year,” Limmer said. “They’re definitely a lot more physical with ‘J-Marsh’ and Xavier Kelly. Those are two guys that’ll really come off the ball and hit. And then with (Julius) Coates, he’s a specimen. He looks kind of like Shawn Oakman (former Bayor DE).. First person that came to mind when I first saw him. But yeah, he’s a pass rusher, and it’s just hard to get your hands on him because he’s got such long arms. Then you’ve got Dorian Gerald on the other end. He’s real fast coming off the ball. He’s a great pass rusher, as well. So yeah, that D-line, they’ve been doing a great job this fall camp.”

Jonathan Marshall said recently that Limmer was the closest player to him on the team as far as who is strongest on the squad.

“Yeah, me and Jon Marshall, we’re pretty neck and neck,” Limmer said. “I think he’s probably got me on squats but everything else we’re really close. Back in the summer, we were always having a little friendly competition in the weight room. We stay together pretty well.”

Limmer said his numbers are about 430 on the bench, squat 565 and clean 325. Limmer and his teammates participated in a mock game this past Saturday morning.

“The mock game was really just to see who was gonna get in there and really compete and really step up,” Limmer said. “And a lot of guys did and a lot of guys got better. People started stepping up. That’s what the mock games are for. Just really get in there and see how a game is really gonna be like. We woke up real early like 7 a.m.. We started and just get that practice in for a real early game. Get your juices flowing early so we’re gonna have a couple of those this year. So good to get that practice in.”

Arkansas will return to the practice fields again today.

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