As the 3-seed Arkansas Soccer team get’s ready to play their second round match-up against 6-seed Ohio State Friday night, they understand a win means playing at home against on Sunday against the winner of 7-seed Mississippi State and Memphis. But they also understand they can’t look ahead any further than the game in front of them.

“It truly is one game at a time because anything can happen, especially in the postseason,” says senior goalkeeper Grace Barbara, “Crazy things have happened in the postseason. So you really have to focus on that one match, and you need to control the ‘controllables’ and take care of business yourself. I mean, it wasn’t necessarily solid that we were going to have these home games this weekend. We took care of what we needed to take care of, and some other pieces fell into place. And that’s all that you can control.”

Barbara, along with teammate Bea Franklin, stopped by the Pig Trail Nation studios on Wednesday to talk about Friday’s game.

Watch the full interview above, and check out the women Friday at 6:30pm at Razorback Field.