FAYETTEVILLE — Towson (Md.) Concordia Prep defensive tackle Ayombami Tifase officially visited Arkansas this week beginning on Wednesday.

On Friday, Tifase, 6-4, 307, left Arkansas and will head to another visit. Following the Arkansas visit he talked about how it went for him.

“The visit was amazing,” Tifase said. “I met a lot of people. I got locked in with a lot of guys on the team and they were amazing. They showed me around. This place is a very good place to live.”

Sam Pittman and Deke Adams both made a very favorable impression on him as well.

“For sure, Arkansas is very good on my agenda,” Tifase said. “I love how they treat me here. I love Coach Pittman, he’s an amazing guy. Coach Adams, they definitely have a bright future for me here.”

He also had praise for Keith Jones, who assists Adams with the defensive line.

“100%, definitely a good guy,” Tifase said. “We connect a lot.”

Tifase talked about the highlight of the official visit.

“The highlight of the trip was definitely the conversation with Coach Pittman,” Tifase said. “He’s a genuine guy, authentic. I give him 100% authentic. He wants nothing but the best for his players, and he’s a man who’s going to stick to those rules. If practice is supposed to be 2 hours, guess what, practice is 2 hours. That’s just the vibe I get from him. He’s an amazing guy, the whole coaching staff.”

Tifase was at Virginia Tech Monday thru Wednesday, left there and came to Arkansas. Now he’s off to Florida State.

“Yes, probably in about 3 hours,” Tifase said. “After that, I’m done. Just going to come back home, lock in, and tell the coaches that I’m going to come. And if not, you’ll find out as soon as I get back home.”

Tifase has been someone mentioned in both the Class of 2022 and 2023. He clarified his enrolling situation.

“I think it’s a big pleasure, a blessing,” Tifase said. “I had differences in the past, trying to transition from a public school to a private school and it wasn’t really easy. I got back up to where I needed to be academically, and it made me eligible to enroll this year. I think that’s a blessing in disguise to be honest with you. Also, I think I can be in a system where I’m ready to compete. I think I have the athletic size and I’m good enough. One year in a facility like this, one year in a weight program like this, I think I’ll be on top of the world.”

So is that what you are leaning to doing?

“I’m leaning towards coming in this year, definitely start as soon as possible because if I were to go another year where I’m at, it wouldn’t really benefit me that much,” Tifase said.

Tifase explained his status as far as eligibility if he does enroll at a four-year school now.

“I’d redshirt, then I’d be eligible as soon as spring starts,” Tifase said.

Tifase squatted 620 and also talked about some other weight room numbers.

“My bench is about 395,” Tifase said. “I’m trying to get bigger. I’m only 17 years old, so I’m trying to get bigger. It’s been a progress. I owe it all to my coach back home, he trained me so much. He got me where I needed to be at today.”

While Tifase is now on his way to Florida State, he probably still has some things about Arkansas on his mind.

“The people, the people were amazing,” Tifase said. “Every time you have that Razorback on your shoulder or on your chest, they scream at you like ‘Hey, are you a football player?’ It’s a town of people that love football. It’s a town I want to be in, a community I want to thrive in. Because I’m all for the community from my hometown, so if I can come here and show that I’m all for the community in their town, plus football, the world is mine.”

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